2013 Gorman Ridge Rally
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22:08   When a driver switches seats and it's his first night rally...
Chuck Wilson's co-driver, Leelyn Pritchard said this was his first time co-driving a rally event with nighttime stages. "It was a LOT different. I learned one thing... NEVER look at the road when you're co-driving at night!" He said he didn't realize "how scary it was to look up and it's lights.. .and cliffs."   MaryAnne S.
22:05   Quotes from the overall winners, Tingwu Song and Martin Brady
Tingwu Song and Martin Brady are very happy with their win. "[During recce] we studied the roads and made a lot of corrections to our notes--three times!" Brady said. "We had the best notes ever!" With his lilting Irish accent, he teased, "There's an old Irish saying, 'when something's grand--that's grand. [Tingwu] understands my Irish! That's shows our synergy!" Brady also said that his driver pushed when he needed. "He's sensible enough to never put a wheel wrong." And Song added, "This was our first win, ever, and it was the smoothest rally every!!"   MaryAnne S.
21:58   Provisional results
For full provisional results visit http://www.rallydata.com and click on "Gorman Ridge Rally Results" for stage scores, standings, etc. as well as the event's Live Text posts. In summary, the top 5 (overall): Song (59:04), Psara, Riley, Wilson, Lightner By class - prov. winners: Open 4WD: Song/Brady; CRS-2: Lightner/Ellzey; Perf Stock: Mazmanian/Mazmanian; Open Lite: Kliment Verba/Justin Farlow.   MaryAnne S.
20:53   Hakan grows wings
Whether is was a surprise, a shock or another intense feeling, Hakan Okcouglu (#344/Mitsu Eclipse) found the biggest jump on the Wheatfield-Powerline stage. "I've never flown that high before!!!" Sadly, one who goes up, gravity calls back to earth at some point. Hakan's nose came down, the rear end came up... and he ended up with a bent suspension. "One upside--it was a GREAT photo op!" (and rumor has it there was a brave soul out shooting in the dark and may have won the 'Gorman Pulitzer' for capturing it!)   MaryAnne S.
20:12   Off-topic: Holiday Inn fire alarm resolve
Don Shreyer reports that about 6:25, the fire department left the Holiday Inn after the earlier fire alarm. When they answered the call, they discovered someone had allowed his or her bathtub to overflow and the water seeped down through the floor and this caused the lower floor room's smoke alarm to trigger. After allowing the guest back in, some of us where shocked when we heard a knock on our doors and in walks a firefighter telling us we have to leave NOW. Hmmm.. grab what you can and go on with the rally.   MaryAnne S.
19:59   Padiddle Quattro
The Audi's going to run the last stage, even though they discovered at service they only have one functioning headlight. According to a random post in Wikipedia, "the word 'padiddle' first appeared in print in a 1948 Bob Montana Archie comic strip, published in the Nevada State Journal on 23 May (Comics section). The girl in the comic said, 'Let's play padiddle.' When a car goes by with one headlight if I say padiddle you have to give me a kiss!'"   MaryAnne S.
19:30   Comparing the course to the kitchen
A competitor said the Wheatfield-Powerline course had a "table-top jump." And it's reported Hakan Okcouglu had a "bit too much toe-in."   MaryAnne S.
15:24   I hear the dinner bell!!
Back to the Holiday Inn for a barbecue dinner hosted by the Boy Scouts; it's a great meal and time for competitors to compare stories and for volunteers to get a break from the sun beating down on them and the dust (but you never hear them complain; it's all part of rally in August here in So Cal). After the break, the cars will start the night stage, Wheatfield Powerline, which is run one direction and then after a turnaround, run the other direction. The event's Power Stage is #12, a last attempt for the best time on the W-P stage. Be back in a few hours! :)   MaryAnne S.
14:42   Hawk Miller's gearbox continues deteriorate
The timing crew at SS7 reports Hawk Miller has now lost both 1st and 2nd gear, but he's still pressing on :)   MaryAnne S.
14:33   Psara's having a bumpy ride
Kris Psara finished Stage 7 with a blown rear shock (note: report from control workers at end of 7; don't know if they observed or if the team said this).   MaryAnne S.
14:12   Going into Stage 6
No change in the standings; After Stage 6, Song leads with 23.58; Psara, 24.40; so he's about 40 seconds behind the leader.   MaryAnne S.
13:49   Arteta missing 2nd gear
The timing control at the finish of SS5 reports Arteta's VW Golf is missing 2nd gear. He said, "It sounds like a box of rocks." His crew confirmed; he came into service and after a small adjustment, he's going to try to finish the last stages before the lunch/dinner break.   MaryAnne S.
13:36   Cars starting Stage 5 (North Boundary 1)
Standings after 4: O/A, Song, Psara, Riley, Okcouglu (all CRS Open 4WD class); Jason Lightner leads CRS2 in a Porsche 911; Sarkis Mazmanian leads Perf Stk; newbies Kliment Verba/Justin Farlow are the only entry in the Open Lite class in an Audi 90Q.   MaryAnne S.
13:14   It's a challenge going from a FWD car to RWD
Hoche-Mong said they were on the "tight-right downhill on SS3" (while his co-driver Marie Boyd described it from the co-driver's perspective... "R2 to L3 into L1"...) when he braked, the car went straight when he's used to the FWD that sweeps more. They went up onto the berm and almost rolled... "It was close...," Boyd said. They were towed out and drove car back to service and the crew is fixing some minimal damage to the front right and they will go back out. "It's all a learning experience!!," Hoche-Mong said with a smile.   MaryAnne S.
12:54   Song/Brady's Evo is overheating
Martin reported, at service, the car was severely overheating; it began on the second stage. The car stalled, making them lose 16 seconds on the start of SS3. He said they'll run with the antilag turned off to help keep it cooler, but it will mean loss of power, but hopefully no more stalls and lost time.   MaryAnne S.
12:08   Hoche-Mong Stopped on Stage 3
It has been reported that Michel Hoche-Mong is off on the left side of the road on stage 3. It has been reported that he is off at the long downhill hairpin right near the end of the stage. The car has the left front tire dangleing in the air and the other three are buried in the burm. Sweep is working on extracting the car.   Mike G.
11:59   Hawk Miller has gearbox problems
Samli confirmed the gearbox blew up just after the beginning of the first stage. They came into service and dumped the fluid to remove debris--no time to change out gearbox, so they'll take the time penalty so it's not a total loss. I'm glad to report, they had lots of help from some great crew, as well as some other cars's crew to expedite the process, and they've gone back out to restart.   MaryAnne S.
11:58   Hawk Miller has gearbox problems
Co-driver Moose Samli was overheard saying the gearbox "grenaded." All they have is second gear and are now in service, hood up, and his crew (who was spectating and heard the "pop") quickly returned to service to be here when he arrived; I'll go over and chat w/them to see what I can find out.   MaryAnne S.
11:58   Chavez has Broken Stub Axle
Course closing reports that Tony Chavez has a broken left rear stub axle. We don't yet know if Tony will be able to continue.   Mike G.
11:55   Father-son team switch seats
Bret Robinson is driving and his dad, Doug Robinson, is co-driving in car #302. Doug owns the VW GTI, but is running under the umbrella of the four-car team with Condor Rally Sport. He and Tony Chavez are business partners; together they own a hotel in Ensenada, Mexico.   MaryAnne S.
11:53   Michel Hoche-Mong driving rental Toyota
He and Marie Boyd are running in a Corolla rented from Streetwise Motorsports (Doug Nagy); serving the car is Steve McNaughton. "I've never driven a RWD car before... I wanted to try something different." His choice to rent the car had nothing to do with his incident at the Mendocino Rally, he said.   MaryAnne S.
11:46   Chavez stopped on Stage 2
It has been reported that Tony Chavez is stopped on stage 2 about 0.5 mile from the finish with the OK sign out.   Mike G.
11:34   Hawk Miller lost 1st gear
At the end of stage 1 Hawk Miller reported that he has lost 1st gear. The timing crew also reported that the car smells like burning clutch, which does not sound good.   Mike G.
10:59   Stage 1 Hot
As the 17 cars that are set to start the rally are getting lined up stage 1 has been declared hot, so it will be starting on time (at 11:03). In other news Ken Block leads David Higgins by just over one minute at the Ojibwe Rally. At Rally Germany both Ogier and Latvala have dropped out and so at the end of Saturday Sordo leads the rally ahead of Nueville by a scant 0.8 second.   Mike G.
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RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Gorman Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening. So come back on Sat Aug 23 to keep up with the action as it unfolds.   Mike G.