2017 Prescott Rally
Live Text
Sat, 18:13   Samli is stopped on stage 12
Mustafa Samli / Riley Trout is reported to be off the course; the we do not yet know the nature of the problem, but will update you as soon as we find out. UPDATE: They have gone off of an exposure and are a DNF. They have both been checked out by an EMT and are not injured. UPDATE: Samli was blinded by the dust and went off at the big hairpin on Perkinsville West.   Evan D.
Sat, 18:03   Gross off on stage 12
Larry Gross / Lance Gross had a minor off, but they were able to get back on the road and finish the stage. It was reported by our guy who is out there in the action that the car was covered in brush all over.   Evan D.
Sat, 17:48   Fiorelli is off
Eddie Fiorelli / Christine Marciniak are off the road on stage 12 displaying the OK sign. UPDATE: They have finished the stage. UPDATE: They were stopped to change a flat tire.   Evan D.
Sat, 17:35   Possible dust and glare on stage 12
It appears that all cars besides Millen are losing roughly 1 minute over their previous times on this road. We believe that the sun being low on the horizon in conjunction with dusty conditions may be causing poor visibility.   Evan D.
Sat, 17:28   Millen wins!
Ryan Millen / Rhianon Gelsomino stole the win for the day beating out John Coyne by 42 seconds on the last stage. With today's win locked in, Millen has taken the win for Friday, Saturday, and overall.   Evan D.
Sat, 17:14   Saarinen stopped on stage 11
Markus Saarinen / Alicia Saarinen were stopped on stage 11 due to a mechanical issue. They are now moving again. UPDATE: They have finished the stage, but the problem is still unknown.   Evan D.
Sat, 15:28   Morris is a DNF
Bradley Morris / Ryan Scott have finished stage 10, but are stopped just past the STOP control transit. There was some fluid leak that was thought to be oil but now looks like it was coolant. They seem to be working on the fuel pump and / or the electrical related to the fuel pump. UPDATE: They are now a DNF.   Mike G.
Sat, 14:00   Williams is a DNF
On stage 7, Ethan Williams / Gleb Serbin hit a bump hard and lost power, and so ended their day ! ! ! !   Mike G.
Sat, 13:10   Burden Is OFF!
It's been reported that Richard Burden / Sean McElwain is off on stage 8, OK sign has been displayed. With the information gathered at this point, it is not certain whether this development resulted from a mechanical failure or a crash. UPDATE; Richard Burden / Sean McElwain apparently broke an axle while in stage 8 but still managed to get to the finish. However, they have had to withdraw from the event !   Mike G.
Sat, 12:57   Burden is pressing on
Richard Burden / Sean McElwain is still movng along despite a damaged rear suspension. His rear left tire is bouncing erratically. This happens to be the same corner that took at hit at the hairpin on stage 5.   Evan D.
Sat, 12:36   Morris almost loses it at the bridge
Bradley Morris / Ryan Scott had a close call on stage 8 coming across the infamous bridge at full opposite lock. It was a brilliant save and off they went! This may have been a result of damage sustained on stage 7. (Thanks to Regine for the photo Mike G).   Evan D.
Sat, 12:23   Tullio Rolls on stage 7
It has been reported that Brian Tullio / Nicholas Roder is stopped on stage 7 (Perkinsville East 2). It has been reported, by other crews, that Brian Tullio /Nicholas Roder rolled over twice on the second corner of the stage. However, the mentioned crew is safe and is currently walking back to the start.   Mike G.
Sat, 12:21   Cowan hunting Saarinen
Andrew Cowan has been faster than Markus Saarinen on all 3 of today's stages and is now only 44 sec behind Markus. So we will have to see what happens there.   Mike G.
Sat, 12:17   Morris Rear Toe ?
At the finish of stage 7 Bradley Morris / Ryan Scott had about 5 deg of rear toe out, so maybe they had a close encounter with a burm.   Mike G.
Sat, 09:42   Coyne is on it
John Coyne / Douglas Nagy turned good times on the first 2 stages this morning and lead Ryan Millen by 10 seconds coming into the first service.   Mike G.
Sat, 09:35   Comin' in hot!
Some drama at the big hairpin on stage 5. Northrop, Tullio, and Burden all had minor offs after coming in hot. All were able to get back on course without issue.   Evan D.
Sat, 09:23   Morris dripping water ?
At the MTC out from Prescott this morning Bradley Morris / Ryan Scott were observed dripping what appeared to be coolant. So we will need to wait and see if that is a problem.   Mike G.
Sat, 09:16   Zach Lumsden Out
Zachary Lumsden / Tin Nguyen has been struggling with fuel starvation problems. They replaced the fuel pump, checked the wiring on the ECU and a bunch of other stuff to no avail and have been forced to withdraw.   Mike G.
Fri, 20:37   Stoneciphers DNF
Mysteriously Jennifer Stonecipher / Terry Stonecipher never started stage 3. At this point we have no information as to what their problem may have been. UPDATE: It turns out that they had a fuel pump problem on the transit to stage 3. Hitting it with the #4 hammer got it working briefly, but the problem returned so they were forced to call it a day. They hope to fix it for tomorrow.   Mike G.
Fri, 20:21   Lumsden has flat
It has been reported that Zachary Lumsden / Tin Nguyen have had a flat on stage 4 and are working on getting it fixed. UPDATE: They are now back on stage.   Mike G.
Fri, 19:21   Coyne is out
John Coyne / Douglas Nagy have withdrawn for tonight. They are changing their transmission and plan to run tomorrow.   Mike G.
Fri, 18:28   Beu is a DNF
Corbin Beu / Marie Boyd have gone WAY OFF the road on stage 2, jumping the burm and crossing a ditch before coming to rest. They have the OK sign displayed.   Mike G.
Fri, 17:49   Stonecipher on fire
Jennifer Stonecipher / Terry Stonecipher have had a "Small electrical fire" on stage 1 and lost 15 minutes dealing with it.   Mike G.
Fri, 17:42   Christiansen is off
Erik Christiansen / Amy Floyd are off on stage 2. The report is that it appears to be a mechanical failure. The OK sign has been displayed. UPDATE: Eric has now finished the stage.   Mike G.
Fri, 17:29   Chavez is out
Tony Chavez / Raquel Salas are out on stage 1 with a broken suspension, they have the OK sign displayed. UPDATE: We now know that Tony rolled, both are OK.   Mike G.
Fri, 17:28   Hudson is a DNF
William Hudson / John Hall are stopped on stage 2 at the cattle guard with the OK sign display. It has been speculated that it may be an engine problem (specifically the ECU or possibly the fuel pump).   Mike G.
Fri, 17:10   Millen Draws first blood
Ryan Millen / Rhianon Gelsomino had the fast time on stage 1 putting just over 30 sec on John Coyne. However on stage 2 Coyne struck back claiming 15 sec back.   Mike G.
Fri, 16:50   Chavez in CRS-2
Since Tony Chavez / Raquel Salas have already won Performance Stock Class for 2017 they decided to add headers to their Golf for Prescott and move into CRS-2. The Stoneciphers told Tony that he could run in P-Stock and they wouldn't protest him (so could have some competition), but he decided to stay in CRS-2.   Mike G.
Fri, 16:46   Saarinens are back
Markus Saarinen / Alicia Saarinen are finally back with their Mini. The story is they have two different maps available for their super charger. If the first one is too radical from a traction standpoint they can switch to the second one. There first goal is to get a finish under their belt.   Mike G.
Fri, 16:33   Non Starters
We can now confirm that Dennis Romero and Deke Williams were not able to start today, however they may run tomorrow. As a result the first car will start the first stage 4 minutes later than the posted schedule to close up the gap. So the first car will start stage 1 at 4:37 PM.   Mike G.
Fri, 14:38   Possible non-starters
It has been reported that Dennis Romero and Deke Williams haven't checked in so they may not start today. We will have to wait and see.   Mike G.
Fri, 14:36   4wd contenders
The top contenders in 4wd will most likely be John Coyne in a Subaru, Dennis Romero in a Mitsubishi, Deke Williams in a Subaru and Flyn Baglin in a Subaru.   Mike G.
Fri, 14:35   2wd contenders
The top contenders in 2wd will most likely be Ryan Millen in a RAV 4 (CRS-5), Brad Morris in a Lancer (CRS-5), Markus Saarinen in a Mini (CRS-5), Andrew Cowan in a Jetta (CRS-5) and Will Hudson in a Fiesta (CRS-2).   Mike G.
Fri, 14:23   28 cars set to start
It looks like we will have a very competitive field this year with 28 cars set to start, 7 of which have speed factors of 90 or above. First car on the road will be Ryan Millen / Rhianon Gelsomino (who won the rally last year in a 2wd Toyota RAV-4).   Mike G.
Fri, 14:20   Weather Report
It is Friday afternoon in Prescott, the sun is shinning it's about 80 deg - great weather for a rally. About the same is predicted for tommorow.   Mike G.