2017 Ojibwe Forest Rally
Live Text
Sat, 15:51   Championship battle between Higgins and Pastrana!
David Higgins and Travis Pastrana have each purchased one tire to continue the rally. That carries a one-minute penalty for each of them. But their battle for the championship will finish on the stages!   Paula G.
Sat, 13:24   Car 201 CORRECTION
Adam VanDamme and Jacob Carlson did not go to the wrong stage as we previously reported. Per the team, they ran stage 10 successfully. But on stage 11 they took out both right tires and bent the rear axle. They changed the front tire and tried to continue but the car would not restart.   Paula G.
Sat, 13:22   Car 327 plans to re-enter as fun-runner
The team of Ryan Raguse/Harlan Goeger believe they have conquered their electrical problems and plan to fun-run starting with stage 13.   Paula G.
Sat, 12:31   Car 280, Healey/Barnes, out on stage 10
The Datsun 280Z of Greg Healey needs their service crew to come retrieve them as they are DNF'd on Stage 10 - reason unknown. Not sure how this affects the Old Farts Challenge, as Mike Halley/Jimmy Brandt are still running today in their Mazda RX7.   Paula G.
Sat, 12:27   First service Saturday reports
Car 179, Romero/Rodriquez, came in with a bent right rear control arm and the plan to repair it during the 30 minute service. Asked if it "wasn't too bad?" their service crew member said "Nothing's ever 'too bad'!" Other cars had repairs due to offs in the slippery conditions. Car 775 had high-centered and was towed off (and DNF'd) but the car was sound so they retrieved their EZTrack tracker and set out again. Also fun-running now is the 457 car of Sam Albert/Michelle Miller.   Paula G.
Sat, 12:17   SLIPPERY!!
Car 56's co-driver Karen Jankowski texted "Conditions extremely sketchy. We made it through but roads are very wet and very very very slippery!" Rhianon Gelsomino, 99 co-driver, explains that because the roads are clay, it was not obvious during the dry recce conditions just where the roads would be slick when soaked - like today.   Paula G.
Sat, 12:01   O'Sullivan Retires
Lauchlin O'Sullivan / Scott Putnam has been forced to retire due to engine problems after leaving the first service today.   Mike G.
Sat, 09:58   Rengo is a NOT a DNF! UPDATE
Details are unknown but it appears that car 675, Jerry Rengo/Gregory Hanka, has DNF'd on stage 8. INCORRECT - the tracker information was incomplete, he made it to service and also set out for stages 10-11-12.   Paula G.
Sat, 09:52   McKenna DNFs
Radio traffic indicates that the car 97 Ford Fiesta of Barry McKenna/Leon Jordan is stopped on stage 8, has major front end damage, and needs to be towed out. UPDATE: We now know that they will not be restarting due to the damage.   Paula G.
Sat, 09:22   Stage 7 dropped
Due to logistical reasons associated with getting all of the volunteers in the proper places stage 7 has been dropped.   Mike G.
Sat, 08:20   Day 2 begins in drizzling rain
The roads were muddy yesterday and it drizzled all night so they will be even muddier. The weather is supposed to clear as the day progresses so we are crossing our fingers. Chris O'Driscoll and Sumit Panjabi did not restart today, so there were 23 cars that started today.   Paula G.
Sat, 08:18   Panjabi/Jacob rollover
The team 767 Mitsubishi Evo rolled on stage 6. The team had difficulty getting out of the car although they were okay, and two cars following them stopped to check on them. The two cars that stopped we're given adjusted times   Paula G.
Fri, 15:14   Car 62, O'Driscolls DNF with clutch problems
Chris and Lori O'Driscoll's Subaru Sti suffered a burnt clutch and they were forced to withdraw on stage 3.   Paula G.
Fri, 15:10   Car 126 withdraws but fun running
Car 126, Don and Coty Coatsworth, needed to replace their power steering pump in service and decided to withdraw. After the repair they have been given permission to "fun-run" stages 5 and 6 for today.   Paula G.
Fri, 14:42   Healey leading O.F. Challenge
Greg Healey/Phillip Barnes in their Datsun 280Z and Mike Halley/Jimmy Brandt in their Maxda RX-7 have a very unofficial Old Farts Challenge going on! Mike put the Mazda off and high centered on stage 2. The sweep crew gave them a quick tug but the car refused to start for a while so they had to surrender their time card. They are "fun-running" the rest of today and waiting to see if Greg finishes (and wins the "championship"). If he DNFs like they did, the challenge will resume on tomorrow's event! Neither of them is using notes (only the "tulips" in the route instructions) nor doing recce!   Paula G.
Fri, 14:30   Car 201 withdraws
Adam VanDamme and Jacob Carlson's VW Rabbit suffered a right front wheel bearing failure so they have chosen to withdraw from today's event. They called around and located a replacement set in Park Rapids! They're planning on doing the repairs then running tomorrow's Regional event.   Paula G.
Fri, 14:25   Cars leave midday service
Several cars have not made it to service or have withdrawn; however, the rest took their 30 minute service and have headed out to re-run the three earlier stages. The roads are muddy and in many places the cars have created ruts or moved rocks around in the road, so they will be even more challenging than earlier.   Paula G.
Fri, 12:47   Halley & Raguse being towed
EZ Trac is showing that Mike Halley & Jimmy Brandt and Ryan Raguse & Harlan Goeger are being towed by the sweep vehicle on stage 2.   Paula G.
Fri, 12:39   Halley stopped on stage 2
It has been reported that Michael Halley / Jimmy Brandt is stopped on stage 2 and will need to have his service crew to tow him.   Paula G.
Fri, 12:06   Higgins breaks wheel - UPDATE
It has been reported that David Higgins has broken a wheel on stage 1 and may have other problems associated with that. The EZ Trac time for stage 2 shows Pastrana 25 sec faster than Higgins, so there may be some drama here at service when they return after stage 3. David reports that the previous cars had kicked a big rock into the stage that he was unable to avoid. The car is repaired and back into the fray.   Paula G.
Fri, 11:04   Production 4WD comments from Team 179
This is Dennis Romero's first season and he's thrilled to be leading the Production 4WD championship. Lauchlin O'Sullivan, a seasoned competitor just a few points behind, is tough competition. Romero plans to push hard today since he's expecting rain later and will decide how hard to push tomorrow.   Paula G.
Fri, 10:33   Seehorn's first Ojibwe- and a championship?
Tean 56, Seehorn/Jankowski, has done the prep since the last event and are set to win the Restricted Open 4WD championship if they either tie or beat Travis Nease, Car 81. This is Jeff's first Ojibwe and Karen's fifth This competittive team is the leading privateer in the field.   Paula G.
Fri, 10:25   Cars set out for Stage 1
The teams are leaving the Main Time Control at the Northern Lights Casino for the first day of the Ojibwe Forests Rally. The sky has clouded over but no rain yet.   Paula G.
Fri, 09:57   O'Sullivan on the Prod4WD championship
Lauchlin O'Sullivan, with Scott Putnam co-driving, on the tight battle to be decided at this event: "So we're just a couple points out of the lead for the championship and this is the last event of the season. The game plan here is to win the championship We're going to go out with that in mind and that means not to attack too hard but be safe and bring the car home at the end of the event."   Paula G.
Fri, 09:51   Travis Nease's battle for Restricted Open 4WD win
Two teams are locked in a battle for the Restricted Open 4WD championship: Car 81. Nease/Skucas and Car 56, Seehorn/Jankowski. Travis Nease says "Our plan for today is be very clean, especially on stage 2. There are a lot of rocks to hit and we can definitely lose the championship pretty quickly. It's been a long year. Let's not throw it away here early - let's have fun and trust our notes."   Paula G.
Fri, 09:43   Roads reports for today's stages
Team 179, Romero/Rodriguez, report that the roads are in good condition except for a notable three-mile section of stage two (a 17 mile stage). Karen Jankowski, car 56, says "The word for today is: ROCKS!"   Paula G.
Fri, 09:29   Champ Ryan Millen's plans for Ojibwe
Given that Ryan Millen and Rhianon Gelsomino have clinched the Open 2WD championshio, Ryan says "I think my plan for today is to go fast and take a lot of chances. I have nothing to lose. To win the rally would be nice! But there's no pressure for us."   Paula G.
Fri, 09:17   Cars are on display in Park Expose
The rally cars are on display at the Northern Lights Casino from 11 a.m. until noon while the drivers are interviewed in a press conference.   Paula G.
Thu, 21:28   Pastrana First On Road
The seeded draw was held this evening and as a result Travis Pastrana & Robbie Durant will be first on the road tomorrow. He will be followed by Barry McKenna & Leon Jordan, then David Higgins & Craig Drew, then Jeff Sehorn & Karen Jankowski with Lauchlin O'Sullivan & Scott Putnam rounding out the first 5.   Mike G.
Thu, 21:24   26 Set to start
All 26 entries have checked in with registration, however a few have some details to complete tomorrow morning. Regardless we expect all 26 to tackle the Friday stages.   Mike G.
Thu, 10:02   Rain ?
There was a significant amount of rain yesterday, which should be good for cutting down dust. But will it have a negative impact on the roads? We will have to wait and see what the drivers think when they return from recce. Right now it is sunny, but Friday has a 20% chance of rain and Saturday is 50%.   Mike G.
16:06   Live Text Overview
Live Text is a bit like Twitter except that it is not limited in length. As such we will be bringing you details about what is happening during the event. If you have information for Live Text call Paula at (760) 382-0821 to let us know what is happening.   Mike G.