2017 Oregon Trail
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Car 232 of Tabor / Hansen had a tire with low pressure after leaving service. It wound up as flat at the 5 mile mark of SS17.   Kristy F.
17:46   Millen Holds Off Steely
In the final stage of the day, Millen sets a 22.1 second faster stage time than Steely, sprinting away to finish with a 34.9 second lead in O2wd.   Dylan
17:34   Pastrana Bests Higgins
In the final stage of the rally, Pastrana managed to finish 0.5 seconds faster than Higgins, maintaining his 10 second lead overall.   Dylan
17:21   Steely Closes Gap
Steely must have put the hammer down on SS17 as he posted a 19.2 second faster time than Millen, cutting the lead down to just 12.8 seconds going into the final stage.   Dylan
17:16   Rimmer Engine Failure
Just received a report that car 25 of Rimmer / Miller stopped on SS17 due to a blown engine.   Dylan
17:12   Higgins Chases Pastrana
Higgins is charging hard trying to make up the gap, and just put down a 5.1 second faster time than Pastrana on SS17, but he still has a 10 second gap with only one stage left.   Dylan
The last few teams are making their way into the final service of the day. After a 30 minute service, teams will be going back out for the final two gravel stages of the rally.   Dylan
The mother/daughter team of Jan and Kristen Tabor in car 231 are reporting incredibly slippery asphalt on the second pass of the now soaked Maryhill Loop Road.   Kristy F.
Car 673 of Walsh / Anderson came through on the 2nd running of Maryhill with their left blinker on. Perhaps they were practicing for NASCAR?   Kristy F.
Steely was once again faster than Millen up Maryhill, this time by 4 seconds on the second pass, but with just two stages to go today, he's going to have to work hard if he wants to overcome Millen's 32 second lead.   Dylan
Pastrana once again proved faster up Maryhill on its second running as SS16, gaining another 1.8 seconds over Higgins and opening his lead to 15.1 seconds.   Dylan
As a way of apologizing for the off yesterday, Kardos and Boro swapped seats for car 500's second run up Maryhill.   Kristy F.
It has been sprinkling for a bit here in Goldendale, and as precipitation has picked up, ambient temps have dropped 6*F. This appears to be affecting many competitors as stage times have gotten slightly longer on the second running of the Maryhill Loops Road (SS16).   Dylan
Millen was 10 seconds faster than Steely on SS15 which widens his lead in National O2wd to 36 seconds.   Dylan
Higgins was 4.2 seconds faster than Pastrana on SS15, cutting Travis's National O4wd lead down to 13.3 seconds.   Dylan
Car 719 of Mullen / Brook are reporting they have a coolant leak to the stop control of SS14.   Kristy F.
Steely was 3 seconds faster than Millen on the first pass of the Maryhill tarmac stage (SS14), but Millen is still maintaining a 26 second lead in National O2wd.   Dylan
Pastrana was 2.2 seconds faster than Higgins on the first pass of the Maryhill tarmac stage (SS14), and is currently at a 17.5 second advantage in National O4wd.   Dylan
Bruce Tabor and Tim Maple in car 222 are withdrawing as a result of a broken control arm in their Nissan Sentra SE-R.   Dylan
Driver of car 310 Andy "Fence Slayer" Sutherland made an appearance in the timing RV this afternoon and, while a bit sore in the ribs after his off on SS1 Friday night at PIR, was in good spirits.   Dylan
For driver of O4wd car 255 Andy Sharples, this is his first Oregon Trail Rally in 15 years. They've had boost troubles until these last 4 stages, but now are really enjoying it. They're trying to compete with fellow RX friends Miller / Ellis.   Dylan
Husband and wife team of Blake and Tricia Lind in car 264 were 24 secs faster on their 2nd pass of the Columbia Hills stage. They're going to bleed brakes and change tires, and then are ready to rock the tarmac stages.   Dylan
Car 232 of Tabor / Hansen blew a coil pack on first run up Dalles Mtn on SS12. They fixed it before SS13 and made a 45 second improvement on their 2nd pass, which was much more enjoyable. They also passed car 792 of Perusina / Bautista on stage who were having transmission issues.   Dylan
It has been reported that the service crew of #199 Pastrana / Durant have been making some aero adjustments to the car during service, and have changed out the rear wing. It will be interesting to see if Higgins follows suit, and if it proves beneficial on the next set of three tarmac stages.   Dylan
Coming into service, Cameron Steely commented "Ryan caught me sleeping. Left a lot of time out there. Looking to get our time back on the uphill tarmac." Meanwhile, Millen of #99 reports they love anything loose as it's the only advantage they have with the auto transmission. They will be lowering the car a bit and stiffening for the tarmac stages.   Dylan
12:28   National O2wd Battle Heats Up
After falling 10.9 seconds behind the #824 Fiesta ST of Cameron Steely at the end of Saturday, Ryan Millen in the #99 RAV4 is on the attack and has gained 40 seconds through SS12/13 giving him a 29 second advantage!   Dylan
Comments from current regional O2wd leaders Redd / Burress in car 938 - "Dalles Mt was fun! Uphill was tough because of the big rocks with this car. Knocked 23 secs off first run."   Dylan
12:17   Getting Tired?
Car 86 of Reed / Greer suffered a left rear puncture on SS13, and made it through stop control on the few shreds of tire that remained.   Dylan
12:13   First Sunday Service
After making two passes of the Columbia Hills stage (SS12/13), teams are making their way to Goldendale for the first of two services on Sunday. After a 40 minute service, teams will head out for three stages, including two tarmac hillclimb stages up the historic Maryhill Loops Road.   Dylan
Car 621 of Miller / Tracy is reporting transmission synchro issues to the stop control of SS13. Their second running of the Columbia Hills stage was a little over two minutes slower.   Dylan
11:51   Higgins and Pastrana Trading Fast Times
The battle between 75 and 199 continues, with Higgins beating Pastrana by 1.5 seconds on SS12, but Pastrana fought back and gained 2.6 seconds on SS13.   Dylan
Car 945 of Clark / Willetts was reported off on SS12 with the OK sign displayed, and are now being towed to the service area in Goldendale.   Dylan
11:38   Trails End Rally
It's the final day of the Oregon Trail Rally Presented by Mtn Dew Kickstart, the first USA round of the 2017 American Rally Association National Championship. The first cars started leaving Parc Expose at 10am this morning, and will be running two stages this morning before the first service at Goldendale High School.   Dylan
18:08   O2wd Regional Standings - Shunpiker Stages
Based on informational scores, the O2wd standings for the Saturday Shunpiker Stages Regional Rally have Redd in first, followed by Bailey (+03:20.5) and Knight in third (+04:40.4).   Dylan
18:07   NAO4wd Regional Standings - Shunpiker Stages
Based on informational scores, the NAO4wd standings for the Saturday Shunpiker Stages Regional Rally have Perusina in first, followed by Miller (+01:31.4) and Lind in third (+01:49.5).   Dylan
18:06   P4wd Regional Standings - Shunpiker Stages
Based on informational scores, the P4wd standings for the Saturday Shunpiker Stages Regional Rally have Coffman in first, followed by Mullen (+04:50.1) and Bendt in third (+07:18.9).   Dylan
18:01   O4wd Regional Standings - Shunpiker Stages
Based on informational scores, the O4wd standings for the Saturday Shunpiker Stages Regional Rally have Seehorn in first, followed by Gruzka (+01:24.3) and Rimmer in third (+02:54.5).   Dylan
17:37   Bogged down in SS11
Car 995 (C Miller) bogged down and got stuck around mile 6.8 in SS11, where cars 945 (D Clark) and 271 (M Tabor) found themselves unable to pass and were consequently delayed.   Ryan B.
17:22   Marghidanu too fast ?
Mircea Marghidanu / Wesley Mareovich Smith in car 6262 were going faster than their car could handle, going wide on a corner and hitting the berm hard. The car went up in the air, but then settled back down on the wheels, maintaining shiny side up.   Mike G.
17:19   Hoyenga almost rolls
John Hoyenga / David Kean in car 216 had an exciting moment when they almost rolled after dodging an obstruction, but were able to get the car back under control.   Mike G.
17:16   Ballet on wheels
Car 500 of Kevin Kardos / Ben Boro thought it was a ballerina on Deere Run III, doing a pirouette and landing back on the wheels with minimal body damage and a flat tire. They changed the tire, and finished the stage.   Mike G.
17:13   Trash talk about the jump
Matthew Binczewski / John Kesslar of car 238 think they may have won the "jump" and are hoping there is a trophy for longest / best jump. They have heard that they flew 105 ft at 93 MPH, and report they bounced into the air 3 times on the landing.   Mike G.
17:12   National RO4wd Standings
Jeff Seehorn is leading National RO4wd by 3:15.6 and continuing to pull away from James Rimmer. Travis Nease is in third, trailing Rimmer by just 13.6 seconds.   Dylan
17:08   The scoop on clutch heat
Car 621 of Miller / Tracy reports that their clutch (maybe master cylinder) was overheating, so they rearranged their hood scoop to get more air in hopes it will cool it down and work again.   Mike G.
16:45   National O2wd Standings
In National O2wd, Cameron Steely gained 18 seconds over Ryan Millen through today's seven stages, eating through Millen's 7.1 second lead from Friday, giving Steely a 10.9 second advantage going into Sunday.   Dylan
16:38   National O4wd Standings
After trading top times throughout today's seven stages, Travis Pastrana has picked up another 1.5 seconds on David Higgins, bringing his current lead to 14.2 seconds for National O4wd.   Dylan
Car 344 of Morrison / Milos reports that on SS6, their light pod wiring decided to get friendly with the exhaust header, and the ensuing short circuit blew a 50A fuse leaving them stranded. After getting towed to the end of the stage by sweep, they discovered the issue, fixed it, and were able to continue on to SS7.   Dylan
Cars are queuing up in the regroup control, and are ready to head out for the final two stages of the day.   Dylan
Cars have started returning to the Dufur service area after SS9. They will have another 30 minute service before heading back out for the last two stages of the day.   Dylan
Car 193 of Hamrick / Bantz reports low oil pressure at stop control of SS8.   Kristy F.
Reports over the radio indicate car 51 of Hartmann / Callahan is out on SS7, and they are being towed to finish.   Dylan
After their issues yesterday at PIR, the #96 Toyota Starlet of Ankeny / Kraushaar made a valiant return to competition today. Unfortunately, sitting on the limiter through the long fast stages of Dufur proved a bit too strenuous, as something in the engine decided it had had enough and made an escape through the side of the block. They will not be continuing.   Dylan
Car 198 of Gruszka / Wronski left the stop control of SS8 with four wheels, but only three tires.   Kristy F.
13:25   0 Car Skill Demonstration
The 0 car team decided to stop and show off their tire changing skills during the transit to SS8   Jace T.
Car 271 of Tabor / Crawford have identified their fuel pump control issue and are planning to continue running.   Dylan
Car 945 of Clark / Willetts reports their issue to be damage to their battery and terminals after the water splash. They are working to repair the damaged terminal and locate a replacement battery.   Dylan
Teams have started leaving service and are queueing at the start of SS7. First car is scheduled to start in five minutes.   Dylan
Car 945 of Clark / Willetts and car 96 of Ankeny / Kraushaar are both withdrawing after SS6.   Dylan
Update on car 271 of Tabor / Crawford - their issue appears to be fuel pump related. They are working on finding a replacement pump and plan to continue.   Dylan
Car 344 of Morrison / Milos reported to be dealing with a flat tire on SS6.   Dylan
11:36   First Saturday Service
The first cars are starting to return to service after SS5/6. Teams will have 30 minutes to make repairs before they regroup, refuel, and head back out for SS7/8/9.   Dylan
Car 271 of Tabor / Crawford is being flat towed back to service. Reports indicate they may be having starter issues but hope to be able to make a quick fix and return to competition.   Dylan
After suffering damage last night at PIR, the crew of car 18 Nickel / Gelsomino worked through the night on repairs. Unfortunately, they have decided to withdraw rather than risk further damage to the car.   Dylan
Car 99 of Millen / Gelsomino reportedly making a cautious transit after end of SS6.   Kristy F.
Car 271 reported off at Fax Road on Deere Run I.   Will J.
09:21   Saturday Morning
There are 44 cars slated to start this morning from Dufur OR. There is a bit of overcast here, but rain is not expected and the roads have had a day to dry out a bit since the rain earlier this week. The temperature is currently in the 60s so it should be great weather. First car leaves Dufur at 10:00 AM   Mike G.
The quote of the night comes from David Nickel, driver of car 18 - "We're from Canada, so we tried filling it with whiskey in the fuel tank, and maple syrup for lubricant. Didn't work out."   Dylan
Car 96 of Garth Ankeny reportedly suffered a minor fire in the engine compartment. They're not sure what happened, but they're taking the little Starlet back to the shop to see if they can get it ready for tomorrow.   Dylan
Driver of car 959 Matt Coffman reports they hit the jump way too hard. At the final part of SS4, they dropped from 3 cylinders to 2. They're still working to diagnose the issue and hoping they can fix it.   Dylan
This just in from Alex Gelsomino, co-driver of car 18 - They landed heavily from the jump and punctured their radiator, which resulted in them having to stop at the end of stage 3. They expect to make repairs and will be back out tomorrow.   Dylan
Commentary from Kris Hamrick of car 193 - "Accomplished what I wanted. Ran gravel tires and was a little slick, but we had a lot of fun."   Dylan
Commentary from Mark Tabor, driver of car 232 - "Fantastic Fun. Had a great time! The soft grass sections were a lot like Dufur tomorrow."   Dylan
Commentary from Blake Lind, driver of car 264 - "Car feels real good. Struggling to change from Chief Scrutineer to driver mode. Once I got the go signal it was much easier."   Dylan
Commentary from James Rimmer, driver of car 25 - "Good out there. Happy to get back in the car. Really looking forward to the gravel tomorrow." Sounds like the gravel setup with tarmac tires was tough today.   Dylan
Car 18 of Nickel / Gelsomino is reportedly being towed to service.   Dylan
Car 995 of Miller / Kern suffered a broken axle on SS1, and will not able to continue today. They do expect to make a return tomorrow.   Dylan
Car 97 of Mckenna / Jordan made an early return to service with overheating issues. The team reports it is running, and they're going to continue.   Dylan
20:25   SS3 Delayed
The start of SS 3 has been delayed by approximately 15 minutes. The zero car is currently on course, and first car out is expected shortly.   Dylan
Car 255 stalled in transit from Stop Control at Stage 2   Kristy F.
19:19   Vanport 1
The second stage of the day is hot, and the first car has started. After SS2, teams will have a 40 minute service before SS3.   Dylan
19:04   PIR's Revenge 1
The zero car has completed their checklist, the stage has been declared hot, and the first car is ready to start!   Dylan
18:26   Wagons Ho!
It's a beautiful day here at Portland International Raceway, as things are kicking off for the Oregon Trail Rally presented by Mtn Dew Kickstart, the first USA round of the 2017 American Rally Association National Championship. Less than an hour to go until the first car starts. Stay tuned for scores and live updates! Don't forget to download the ARARally app to stay up to date with all the happenings.   Dylan
21:11   Live Text Overview
Live Text can provide current reports of what is happening from the field as well as the service area. So check back on Friday evening (April 21) to see what is happening at the PIR stages.   Mike G.