2016 Prescott Rally
Live Text
17:49   The finish of the rally
Congratulations to all of the winners of the rally! The competitors are all heading back to Lamb Nissan, the sun is setting, and the cicadas are still singing for anyone who is listening. Thanks for following live text!   Karen G.
17:01   multiple flat tires for 610
Car 610 (Lumsden/Lumsden) has had 3 flat tires over the course of the race!   Karen G.
16:50   Bridging
Car 914 (Hamilton/Pond) reported almost hitting the bridge on stage, but narrowly managed to avoid it. However, they're still enjoying being back on the road!   Karen G.
16:47   Battle royale coming to a close
Car 301 (Chavez/Salas) is now 10 seconds ahead of 446 (Stonecipher/Stonecipher)!   Karen G.
16:46   726 donuts
Car 726 (Fiorelli/Marciniak) stopped for donuts on Perkinsville.   Karen G.
16:43   769 issues
Car 769 (Cowan/Dunham) had a flat at the end of Perkinsville, but managed to change it as quickly as possible on the transit back to service.   Karen G.
16:40   Fun on the last few stages
All of the drivers and co-drivers still report having an awesome time going fast and are excited to finish.   Karen G.
15:20   Continuation of battle royale
After two more stages, car 301 is leading car 446 by one second and they're still both fighting hard!   Karen G.
14:35   update on 319
Car 319 (Beu/Boyd) had a clogged fuel line. Shout out to their service crew member Glenn, who rushed to the parts store, got a new pump, and installed it. The team says the car now can handle going full out. They are now going to fun-run.   Karen G.
14:31   Fun-runs
Cars 792 (Perusina/Wise) and 914 (Hamilton/Pond) are getting to fun-run now that their cars are fixed and ready.   Karen G.
14:28   Learning for 446
Car 446 (Stonecipher/Stonecipher) is a new experience for the driver and she is still learning about how the car handles at speed. She is getting faster as she gets more and more comfortable with the car.   Karen G.
14:22   Improvements for 769
Car 769 (Cowan/Dunham) is feeling much better about driving during today's race.   Karen G.
14:18   Rocky road
Car 872 (Christiansen/Floyd) hit some big rocks on stage 7, but thankfully did not damage the car.   Karen G.
14:16   More happy customers
Everyone reports having fun and that the stages are still great.   Karen G.
14:10   special fuel
Car 380 (Sutherland/Sacks) is using a specialized kind of fuel (E-85) and they may not have enough for the event, so they're also bringing lots of water in case they need to stop on the side of the road.   Karen G.
14:08   356 and 339
Car 339 (O'Driscoll/O'Driscoll) is currently winning the open class, but car 356 (Chernis/O'Hanlon) are trying to hold on their position in second and then take over the lead.   Karen G.
14:04   A battle royale
Car 446 (Stonecipher/Stonecipher) and Car 301 (Chavez/Salas) keep trading off beating each other by only a few seconds. On the last stage, they were dead even. Currently, 446 is leading 301, but only by one second!   Karen G.
13:04   Car 380 is back on the road
Car 380 (Sutherland/Sacks) slid off the road and got high-centered on stage 5. They lost 18 minutes trying to get back on solid ground and were then able to continue.   Karen G.
12:00   update on 319
Car 319 (Beu/Boyd) has been towed to the service area and wants to fun-run later in the day if possible.   Karen G.
11:58   update on 914
Car 914 (Hamilton/Pond) is being towed in.   Karen G.
11:56   update on 792
Car 792 (Perusina/Wise) got pulled out by sweep and were not damaged. They are going to try to fun-run later in the day.   Karen G.
11:54   102 problems
Car 102 (Smith/Snyder) missed a corner on stage 5, went off, and tore their right rear suspension. They are out of the race.   Karen G.
11:27   792 out?
Car 792 (Perusina/Wise) have given up their time card and are currently out of the race, but may restart later in the day.   Karen G.
11:26   Problem solving for 247
Car 247 (Seidman/Luhrs) lost 15 minutes fixing a control arm and fender is bent, but they were able to continue.   Karen G.
11:17   A helpful point
Car 446 (Stonecipher/Stonecipher) reported that the road is slippery, but co-driver Terry pointed out that that's because it's dirt.   Karen G.
10:48   news on 168
Car 168 (Egger/Thompson) did not start stage 5.   Karen G.
10:43   Car 914 having some difficulties
Car 914 (Hamilton/Pond) is stopped on the stage at blockage 6. Their OK sign is out, but they are pointed the wrong way on the road!   Karen G.
10:40   more information on 319
Car 319 (Beu/Boyd) stalled after leaving the MTC at the hotel and attempted to restart the transit, but with little success. They are waiting on the side of the road on the transit for their crew to pick them up.   Karen G.
10:36   update on 247
Car 247 (Seidman/Luhrs) has recovered from their mechanical issues and have come to the end of stage 5.   Karen G.
10:24   Car 247 stopped
Car 247 (Seidman/Luhrs) are stopped on stage and are down with mechanical issues. The driver and co-driver are out walking around. More details to follow.   Karen G.
10:18   update on 413
Car 413 (Lumsden/Nguyen) came into the end of stage 5 dragging their hood. It went up over the top of the car since blockage 6 and is now dragging behind the driver's side!   Karen G.
10:15   Corner problems
Car 792 (Perusina/Wise) passed blockage 8 and then went off. Drivers have been reporting that the corner at that section of the stage is difficult.   Karen G.
10:13   On the road again
Car 102 (Smith/Snyder) is back on the road!   Karen G.
10:07   Limited visibility? No problem!
Car 413 (Lumsden/Nguyen) passed blockage 6 with their hood up and against the windshield, but are still going!   Karen G.
10:06   Car 102 off
Car 102 (Smith/Snyder) didn't make the corner at blockage 8 and went off the road. OK sign is out.   Karen G.
09:57   Car 380 stopped on stage
Car 380 (Sutherland/Sacks) is stopped at mile 13 of stage 5 with the OK sign out. The driver reported that the engine was missing before the start of the stage. They were off at the double hairpin and have their triangles out.   Karen G.
09:52   Car 319 out
Car 319 (Beu/Boyd) broke down on the transit to stage 5 and are out of the race.   Karen G.
09:48   Some good news
Car 76 (Coyne/Nagy) reported they're having no issues and that's how they like it!   Karen G.
09:47   update on 42
Car 42 (Cairnes/Burke) bounced off a tree during last night and damaged the front end of the car enough to not start on Saturday.   Karen G.
09:44   Not starting
Cars 312 (Benson/Renold) and 227 (Palermo/Bautista) are not starting stage 5.   Karen G.
09:43   Updates on last night's work
Cars 380 (Sutherland/Sacks) and 301 (Chavez/Salas) had some welding done last night to prepare for today's race. 380's exhaust got ripped off and needed to be welded back on. 301's shifter wasn't going into third gear and needed welding as well.   Karen G.
08:15   Beginning of Day 2
Saturday has dawned and the cars left the MTC for Day 2 of the rally at 8:00 AM. They begin the first stage at 9:30.   Karen G.
22:06   update for cars 258 and 142
Car 258 slid off at mile 8.3 and has been pulled out by sweep. They will probably run tomorrow, but are a DNF for tonight. Car 142 went off at the same corner as 258 and sweep is currently trying to get them out.   Karen G.
22:04   update on Car 312
Car 312 has a blown engine.   Karen G.
21:18   3-car update
Cars 142 and 258 are in ditches waiting for assistance and Car 312 is being towed in.   Karen G.
21:06   Car 258 stopped
Car 258 (Tullio/Roder) is stopped on the stage 6 miles into the stage with their OK sign out.   Karen G.
20:50   Car 312 off
Car 312 (Benson/Renold) is off at blockage 2 with OK sign out.   Karen G.
20:48   Update on Car 142
Car 142 (Copt/Meng) is off just past blockage 1. He is not blocking the road and his OK sign is out.   Karen G.
20:42   Car 42 off but OK
Car 42 went off course 3.5 miles ahead of the bridge on stage 4 and they have put their OK sign on display.   Karen G.
20:18   Car 142 stopped on stage
Car 142 (Copt/Meng) is currently stopped on stage 4. Details are not yet known, but will be updated as they come in.   Karen G.
20:12   380 dragging
Car 380 (Sutherland/Sacks) was dragging some parts off the car when they finished stage 4.   Karen G.
20:05   Close race
Several of the cars have been finishing stage 3 with total times that are within 5 seconds of each other, so it makes for an exciting race right up to the end!   Karen G.
19:27   An eventful day for 769
Car 769 (Cowan/Dunham) has been racing several times, but the driver Andrew was in an accident recently and this is his first event since that happened. He said it was very scary at first, but he's now back in his rhythm!   Karen G.
19:24   Too much sun for 301
Car 301 (Chavez/Chavez) reported having to stop 3 times because of the glare of the sun on stage 2. Tony also wants to buy back Car 446 because they're beating him! They said no, however.   Karen G.
19:02   Car 914 nearly out
Car 914 (Hamilton/Hamilton) got a flat about a third of the way through stage 2. When they tried to change the tire, they found that the threads on the jack were stripped and couldn't jack up the car. They had to wait to borrow a jack and managed to change the tire before they would have been time-barred, so they were able to keep going.   Karen G.
18:59   872 out for now
Car 872 (Christiansen/Floyd) had a fuel delivery problem that was flooding the engine and they were losing power on the first straightaway of the rally. They pulled over and were unable to fix it, but they did get a spectacular view of the rainbow and of First View. They had to withdraw from today's event, but will restart tomorrow.   Karen G.
18:53   Flat #2
Car 773 (Saarinen/Saarinen) also had a flat on the transit to stage 1 and were able to replace it with a spare, but that was their only one until they got into service.   Karen G.
18:34   Using all of the available space + wildlife
Car 227 (Palermo/Bautista) is enjoying using all of the road, even once using the side of the mountain to help make a corner! They also reported seeing a family of deer on the stage and avoided hitting them.   Karen G.
18:28   Happy customers
The drivers and co-drivers have consistently reported that the stages are a blast, the roads are smooth, and they can't wait to keep racing!   Karen G.
18:25   A glaring problem
Many of the cars have reported that the angle of the sun during stage 2 caused some visibility issues, but Car 76 (Coyne/Nagy) remembered having this problem last year and brought sun visors this time around, which worked great!   Karen G.
17:07   Car 610 trouble
Car 610 (Lumsden/Lumsden) had a flat tire on the transit to stage 1 and had to use their spare, so they will be running the stages until the first service with no spare.   Karen G.
16:48   Weather update
There was some rain hanging over the stages, but it's gone now, so the drivers are relieved that the roads won't be wet.   Karen G.
16:47   Helicopter fun
Ryan Millen's team has a helicopter flying over First View with an excellent pilot flying back and forth and getting some great scenery shots, as well as ones of the cars.   Karen G.
15:17   Mostly nice conditions
The weather is pretty ideal for rally conditions at about 75 degrees with occasional rain drops from a few lingering dark clouds. The breeze is cool, the cicadas are singing, and we're ready to rally!   Karen G.
15:00   Beginning of the rally
The rally is starting on-time with a field of 26 cars. The first car leaves MTC at 3:00 pm and begins the first stage at 4:30 pm.   Karen G.