2016 Gorman Ridge Rally
Live Text
14:49   Beginning of the rally
The rally is about to start with a field of 26 cars. First car leaves MTC at 3:00 pm and begins the first stage at 4:30 pm.   Karen G.
22:31   Olivares wins CRS-2
256 Olivares/Heinz are the unofficial winners of CRS-2 for the Cliffs of Gorman and take third place in 2WD overall. 606 Shinnors/Levis take second place in CRS-2.   Erik C.
22:24   Seidman wins Open Lite
247 Seidman/Luhrs have won the Open Lite class in both of today's regionals.   Erik C.
22:22   Hoche-Mong wins 2WD
31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd are the unofficial 2WD and P-Stock winners. 769 Cowan/Dunham were 30 seconds behind, taking second place 2WD and first place CRS-5.   Erik C.
22:13   Copt wins Cliffs of Gorman
142 Copt/Meng are the unofficial winners of the Cliffs of Gorman rally! 41 Psara/Bautista won the last stage, but Copt hung on to win by just 5 hundredths of a minute! 41 Psara/Bautista won the combined event overall. 76 Coyne/ Nagy took third in both the regional and national events.   Erik C.
21:54   Saarinens delayed starting stage 15
We have reports that car 773, the Saarinens have not started stage 15. No word yet as to why. They are competing in a rented Ford Focus this weekend as opposed to their usual Mini Cooper. Update: the Saarinens were spotted leaving with their car on a trailer, so they are officially DNF. Update 2: the Saarinens broke a front strut and a rear strut on their rental Focus so they parked it on the trailer with two stages to go.   Erik C.
21:43   Smead has solid hold on fourth place overall
The side by side UTV 166 Smead/Henderson have a solid lock on fourth place overall with just one stage to go!   Erik C.
21:41   Hoche-Mong leads 2WD
Going into the last stage of the rally, car 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd lead the 2WD class by just 43 hundredths of a minute over 769 Cowan/Dunham.   Erik C.
21:36   Olivares leads CRS-2
Car 256 Olivares/Heinz are now leading CRS-2 by about a minute over 606 Shinnors/Levis in the Cliffs of Gorman rally.   Erik C.
21:31   Psara wins the penultimate stage
41 Psara/Bautista picked up the pace and won stage 15. They are sitting just 15 hundredths of a minute behind 142 Copt/Meng for the overall lead in the Cliffs of Gorman regional. Just one stage remains!   Erik C.
21:23   Robinson stuck on stage 14
Car 11 Robinson/Marciniak had a narrow lead in the overall 2WD class, but have been reported stuck on a berm just three stages from the finish. They have their OK sign out and there is room to get by. Car 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd inherits the 2WD lead. Update: sweep reports car 11 is a DNF due to a transmission problem.   Erik C.
21:18   Copt wins another stage
142 Copt/Meng won stage 14 to extend their lead on the Cliffs of Gorman rally, and are just 20 seconds behind 41 Psara/Bautista for the lead of the overall full NASA Rally Sport event with only two stages left.   Erik C.
21:07   Copt leads Cliffs of Gorman
Going into the last three stages, 142 Copt/Meng lead Open class by just 19 hundredths of a minute over 41 Psara/Baitista. 11 Robinson/Marciniak have a healthy lead in CRS-2, while 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd have a sizable lead in P-Stock. 769 Cowan/Dunham lead CRS-5 and 247 Seidman/Luhrs are in first place in Open Lite. We expect some exciting racing in the dark!   Erik C.
20:57   Three stages left
Cars are leaving service and heading to the last three stages of the rally.   Erik C.
20:53   312 Benson/Renold is DNF
Car 312 hit a hard bump on stage 12 that caused the engine to die and not restart. They are forced to withdraw.   Erik C.
20:24   Seidman continues to lead Open Lite
Car 247 Seidman/Luhrs continue leading Open Lite during the Cliffs of Gorman   Erik C.
20:19   Robinson extends his 2WD lead
It's still a close battle, but car 11 Robinson/Marciniak extended their slim lead over 2WD rivals 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd and 769 Cowan/Dunham on stage 13.   Erik C.
20:12   Psara fights back
After losing time to Copt on the last two stages, 41 Psara/Bautista took the stage win on stage 13, which means their lead in the full NASA Rally Sport event growing again, but Copt still leads the regional Cliffs of Gorman Rally.   Erik C.
19:57   312 stopped on stage 12
Car 312 Benson/Renold are stopped on stage for the third time tonight. Crews report they have their OK sign out halfway through stage 12. Update: reports from stage 12 indicate car 312 will not be continuing.   Erik C.
19:54   The sun is setting
The remaining stages tonight will be run after dark. Expect some shakeup to the leaderboard as drivers adjust.   Erik C.
19:52   Copt takes lead of Cliffs of Gorman Rally!
Car 142 Copt/Meng set a blisteringly fast time on stage 12 which moves them ahead of 41 Psara/Meng for the overall lead in the second regional event.   Erik C.
19:20   Tight competition in 2WD
After 11 stages, car 11 Robinson/Marciniak leads 2WD by just 5 hundredths of a minute over 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd, who are only 4 hundredths ahead of 769 Cowan/Dunham!   Erik C.
19:11   Psara continues to collect stage wins!
Car 41 Psara/Bautista won stage 11 by 11 hundredths over 142 Copt/Meng, with 76 Coyne/Nagy only 1 hundredth behind them on the stage.   Erik C.
18:53   Psara wins stage ten
Car 41 Psara/Bautista won the first stage of the Cliffs of Gorman rally by 6 hundredths of a minute over 142 Copt/Meng.   Erik C.
18:45   Cars have started stage 10
Scores should be posted momentarily.   Erik C.
18:31   Millen out
Car 99 Millen/Fate will not be restarting after the service break. They were unable to get their Toyota RAV4 running.   Erik C.
16:36   Cliffs of Gorman will start 30 minutes late
Due to delays this morning, the evening rally will start 30 minutes later than the published schedule.   Erik C.
16:30   Northrup stopped on stage 9
We have reports of car 313 Northrup/Smith stopped on stage 9 with their OK sign out. More information as it comes in. Update: word from stage 9 is that 313 is moving on stage again.   Erik C.
16:27   Side by Side UTV takes fourth overall
166 Smead/Henderson have finished an impressive fourth overall in their Yamaha UTV, besting many turbo Subarus!   Erik C.
16:26   Smith takes fourth in Open class
Car 102 Smith/Snyder have finished fourth Open class in their Subaru Impreza, followed by car 474 Akdeniz/McElwain in fifth.   Erik C.
16:21   Seidman wins Open Lite
Car 247 Seidman/Luhrs are the unofficial Open Lite winners of this afternoon's Condor Stages.   Erik C.
16:15   Robinson wins CRS-2 and leads 2wd
Car 11 Robinson/Marciniak take the CRS-2 win on the Condor Stages rally, and have a 6 second lead over P-Stock victor 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd who are only 1 hundredth of a minute ahead of CRS-5 winner 769 Cowan/Dunham for 2wd overall.   Erik C.
16:10   Psara wins Condor Stages!
Car 41 Psara/Bautista have unofficially won the first regional. 142 Copt/Meng claimed yet another stage win on stage 9 to jump into second place ahead of 76 Coyne/Nagy.   Erik C.
15:56   272 out with hood issues
Car 272 Williams/Serbin have withdrawn after stage 6 with mechanical problems on their Ford Focus included loose hood hinges. They will remove the hood and rejoin after the dinner break.   Erik C.
15:44   Copt making a move
Car 142 Copt/Meng chalked up another stage win on stage 8. With only one stage left in the first regional, Psara leads overall by 61 hundredths over 76 Coyne in second place, just 3 hundredths ahead of Copt/Meng! It will be a close battle for second on stage 9!   Erik C.
15:24   Perusina out
Car 792 Perusina/Wise have withdrawn due to a slipping clutch and a rear differential problem in their Subaru Impreza RS. The team was leading Open Lite by a wide margin before the mechanical trouble hit.   Erik C.
15:02   Chavez out with broken rear axle
Car 301 Chavez/Salas are DNF on stage 6 due to a broken rear axle on their VW Golf.   Erik C.
14:57   Copt wins stage 7!
Car 142 Copt/Meng have picked up the pace and took a stage win on stage 7. They are still in third place but closing in on John Coyne.   Erik C.
14:45   Psara still leads
Car 41 Psara/Bautista are still in the overall lead after winning five of six stages! Coyne is in second followed by Copt and the Smead in a Side by Side UTV!   Erik C.
14:43   Hoche-Mong/Boyd are flying
Car 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd are flying in their VW Golf. They have pushed their P-Stock car up to fifth place overall!   Erik C.
14:41   Chavez stopped on stage 7
Car 301 Chavez/Salas are stuck on stage 6. Reports say there is room to get around them.   Erik C.
14:35   Benson stuck again!
Car 312 Benson/Renold got high centered again on stage 5, losing even more time.   Erik C.
14:33   Update on car 99
Millen/Fate were unable to leave service after stage four because the theft deterrent system on their Toyota RAV4 would not let them start the car! They hope to get it sorted out by the next service. On the plus side, it is really difficult to steal a modern Toyota!   Erik C.
14:29   Coyne has a yellow tail
Car 76 Coyne/Nagy left stage six with a long piece of caution tape attached to their rear wing. They must have went wide at a junction, but still set the second fastest time on the stage.   Erik C.
14:21   Millen withdraws
Car 99 Millen/Fate have withdrawn from the rally at the first service for unspecified reasons. They hope to rejoin the rally after the next break.   Erik C.
14:18   Psara maintains lead after five stages
John Coyne is in second place, followed by Jason Copt.   Erik C.
13:58   Millen leads CRS-5
Millen/Fate have a healthy lead in CRS-5. Their RAV4 is in fourth place overall with over a minute lead over 769 Cowan/Dunham after four stages.   Erik C.
13:54   Trouble for Perusina
Car 792 Perusina/Wise stalled at the start of stage 5. They have been moved off after a short delay.   Erik C.
13:24   Another blockage on stage 4
The last five cars are stuck at another blockage on stage 4. More updates as they come in. Update: stuck vehicle was 258 Tullio with a mechanical issue. They are off to the side of the road and other cars are now getting through. Update 2: car 258 Tullio/Roder were blocking the stage because they rolled the car. They are on four wheels and have cleared the stage with the intention of continuing after service.   Erik C.
13:11   Benson stopped blocking stage 4
Car 312 Benson/Renold were stuck blocking stage 4. A number of cars stopped to assist and they managed to all finish the stage.   Erik C.
12:52   Gross out due to differential trouble
Car 695 was hoping to continue after getting high centered on stage one but some bad noises coming from the rear end caused them to decide to not risk further damage.   Erik C.
12:48   Hoche-Mong has a commanding lead in P-Stock
Car 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd have over a minute lead over car 301 Chavez/Salas after just three stages! They are in 7th place overall!   Erik C.
12:42   Perusina leads Open Lite
Car 792 Perusina/Wise have over half a minute lead in Open Lite, and are running third overall. Car 247 Seidman/Luhrs are second in class.   Erik C.
12:31   Psara is flying!
Car 41 Psara/Bautista keep extending their lead. The team broke the 3 minute barrier on Badger with a time of 2.98! They lead by about 30 hudrths over Coyne.   Erik C.
12:18   Close competition in CRS-2
Car 11 Robinson/Marciniak lead CRS-2 by just 3 hundredths of a minute over car 256 Olivares/Heinz after stage 2. The new to CRS Irish team in car 606 Shinnors/Levis are only 15 hundredths behind in third place.   Erik C.
12:10   Gross is DNF
Car 695 Larry and Lance Gross are being towed off stage 1 and will not be continuing.   Erik C.
12:04   Psara maintains lead after stage 2
Psara still has a healthy lead, but John Coyne has moved into second place ahead of Perusina.   Erik C.
12:03   Millen dragging body work
Car 99 Millen/Fate is clear of stage 2 but is dragging some minor body pieces behind them.   Erik C.
11:48   Tullio has issues after flying finish of stage 1.
But was able to clear the course.   Erik C.
11:42   Gross stopped on stage 1
Car 695, Larry and Lance Gross are stopped on stage 1 with the okay sign out.   Erik C.
11:39   Smead is fast!
The one side by side entered set a top five stage time on the first stage. Look for him to be running up with the Subarus.   Erik C.
11:33   Hoche-Mong gets flat tire
Car 31 Hoche-Mong/Boyd came off stage 1 with a flat tire, but still set the fastest P-Stock time!   Erik C.
11:30   Psara takes early lead!
Last year's runner up Kris Psara has an early lead. He has a ten second gap over Perusina.   Erik C.
11:06   Cars are heading to stage 1 now
We should have scores posting in about 15 minutes.   Erik C.
01:14   Weather prediction looks good.
NOAA is predicting sunny, with a high near 87. West wind 5 to 15 mph becoming south in the morning. Winds could gust as high as 20 mph. You can see the detailed forecast at: http://forecast.weather.gov/MapClick.php?lon=-118.88073797607308&lat=34.77876048187487#.V7a_iqIXd1E   Mike G.
01:11   Looks LIke a good entry
There are currently 27 cars and 2 UTVs on the entry list for this year's event. Open class is by far the most popular with 11 entries led by Kris Psara, Jason Copt, Stephen Benson and John Coyne. CRS-2 and Performance Stock both have 5 entries, while CRS Open Lite and CRS-5 both have 3. You can check out the full entry list at: http://nasarallysport.com/results/2016-Gorman-Ridge-Rally-registration-entry-list.htm   Mike G.
01:01   Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the 2016 Gorman Ridge Rally (Sat - Aug 20) as the action unfolds. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of whats happening at the event.   Mike G.