2016 High Desert Trails Rally
Live Text
20:10   Benson & Renold Roll on last stage
car 312, Stephen Benson / Nicolas Renold have rolled near the Big Rock blockage on the last stage of the rally. The OK sign has been displayed, so the stage is continuing.   Mike G.
19:35   Car 76 gear trouble
Car 76, John Coyne / Douglas Nagy only had second gear when they came back from stage 11.   Mike G.
19:34   Car 227 trouble
Car 227, Chris Palermo / Andres Bautista is having engine trouble after stage 11.   Mike G.
18:25   Car 769 went off
Car 769, Andrew Cowan / Ryan Dunham were found off the road after hitting a double caution with the OK sign out. They were able to finish the stage.   Mike G.
18:21   Car 610 DNF
Car 610, Craig Lumsden / Carrie Lumsden damaged their car on a double caution wash and are out of the race.   Mike G.
17:14   Rally Announcement
Stage 12 is cancelled. After stage 11 (Jawbone North III), there will be a turn-around. Stage 13 (the Powerstage) will start from there.   Mike G.
16:41   Car 82 out
Car 82, Mike Hurst / Michel Hoche-Mong is out of the race due to a popped fuel line.   Mike G.
16:22   Car 872 out
Car 872, Erik Christiansen / Amy Floyd is out after stage 6 due to transmission issues.   Mike G.
16:05   Car 247 camber
Car 247, Michael Seidman / Erica Sacks came into the end of stage 6 with right rear camber.   Mike G.
16:04   Car 519 turbo
Car 519, Christian Arboleda / Jonathan Correa came into the end of stage 6 with a blown turbo.   Mike G.
16:02   Car 769 with toe out
Car 769, Andrew Cowan / Ryan Dunham came into the end of stage 6 with lots of toe out.   Mike G.
13:48   Scoring Comm Problem
We are having a scoring communication problem with the finish of stage 4. So until we get a good comm link we will not be showing scores for stage 4.   Mike G.
12:43   Turn Around in Process
Stage 4 is stage 3 run backwards. Stage 3 is now complete and 00 and 0 are running stage 4 at this time. Once they have completed the stage we will have rally cars running the stage.   Mike G.
12:12   Car 767 flat
Car 767, JohnPaul Mccaffrey / Donald Wong came in at the end of Stage 3 with a right rear flat tire.   Mike G.
12:08   Car 768 is off
Car 768, Eric Poth / Brent Blakely is off-course with an OK sign displayed.   Mike G.
11:21   Car 808 is a DNF
Car 808 Richard Burden / Christopher Fine was late leaving MTC due to mechanical issues. Sweep had left the start of Stage 1 by the time they arrived, so they were unable to start the stage.   Mike G.
11:21   Stage 2 Dropped
The start control for stage 2 inadvertently started the first rally car while there was an EMT traversing the stage. As a result the stage has been cancelled and all Rally cars are transiting the stage.   Mike G.
10:46   Nice Day for a Rally
The weather here is very nice, temperature around 70 with a light breeze, so dust should not be a problem. All of the cars have left the first MTC headed to stage 1. There is some problem getting the scores from the first stage (possibly the FRS link from the finish to the Stop). So we may not get the scores from the first stage for a while.   Mike G.
22:36   Saarinen's forced to Withdraw
car 773, Markus Saarinen / Alicia Saarinen have been forced to withdraw due to transmission problems that were discovered yesterday. This is probably the first rally that Markus & Alicia haven't been able to run in the last 3 years. As a result it looks like 23 teams will start tomorrow.   Mike G.
  24 teams on the Entry List
At this point in time there are 24 teams on the entry list for HDT. It looks like the weather may add an interesting element to the rally this year. With a better than 50% chance of rain on Friday and a 30% chance of rain on Saturday, dust should not be a problem. However the rains may make the ruts that are already there deeper, so we will have to wait and see.   Mike G.
  Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the High Desert Trails Rally (Sat - May 7) as the action unfolds. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of the events as they unfold. So come back on Saturday and check out whats happening.   Mike G.