2015 Gorman Ridge Rally
Live Text
11:28   Psara takes an early lead!
Last year's runner up Kris Psara is off to an early lead. He has 10 seconds over Perusina.   Erik C.
22:57   2C Money!
The top five 2WD teams will take home cash tonight. In order they are cars 99, 337, 11, 135, and 340.   Erik C.
22:52   Car 95 is a DNF
After their troubles on stages 14 and 15, car 95 Song/Samli have not completed the last stage, and are DNF.   Erik C.
22:50   Beavis wins P-Stock!
Car 340 Beavis/Sacks took the P-Stock win again, ahead of the Mazmanians in car 777.   Erik C.
22:46   Lockhart wins CRS-2!
In a three way battle that came down to the last stage, car 337 Lockhart/Hoche Mong peddled their VW Golf to a time that bested many Open class cars. They take the unofficial CRS-2 win, ahead of car 135 Lee/Dillon and then 11 Robinson/Ellzey.   Erik C.
22:41   Benson wins Open Lite
Car 312 once again set a blistering time on the last stage. He keeps it on the road to claim the unofficial Open Lite win.   Erik C.
22:39   Chernis takes third!
Car 356 Chernis/O'Hanlon claimed third place overall with a fast time on the last stage.   Erik C.
22:34   Plsek unofficial winner of Cliffs of Gorman
After trailing Song early, car 30 Plaek/Gallagher have completed the final stage and are the unofficial winners of the Cliffs of Gorman Stages. Car 41 Psara/Bautista are also clear of stage 16 and should have second place locked up, barring any substantial road points for either team.   Erik C.
22:21   Cars 54 and 76 are DNF
Cars 54 and 76 are cleared from stage 14 and will be classified as DNF.   Erik C.
22:17   2WD Challenge
With just one stage remaining, car 99 is leading 2WD, followed by cars 337, 11, 135, and 340. The top five will get cash prizes   Erik C.
22:12   One stage left!
With one stage to go, car 30 Plsek/Gallagher have a substantial lead over car 41 Psara/Bautista thanks to Songs's misfortune. There is an extremely close battle for third though, with cars 344, 99, 356 separated by only 6 hundredths between the three of them!   Erik C.
22:08   Song stopped on stage 15 blocking road
Car 95 apparently landed on his side, blocking stage 15. The competitors behind him stopped and managed to push him back over. Car 95 and the rest of the pack just drove out the stage finish.   Erik C.
21:51   Lee leading CRS-2!
Car 135 Lee/Dillon have jumped into the CRS-2 lead with a blistering time on stage 14!   Erik C.
21:48   Benson picks up the pace
Car 312 set the third fastest time on stage 14, beating many powerful turbo cars in their Open Lite Subaru! It appears they are not just cruising to a points finish as the Open Lite leaders by a wide margin.   Erik C.
21:45   Coyne stopped on stage 14
Stage 14 claimed another victim. Car 76 is reported stopped on stage with their Ok sign out.   Erik C.
21:42   Okcuoglu moves ahead of Millen
Car 344 picked up the pace after dark and now leads car 99 by just one hundredth of a minute. With the attrition at the top, this is the battle for 4th overall.   Erik C.
21:38   Ault missing exhaust.
Car 707 must have left most of his exhaust on stage 14 because he came into the finish control sounding extremely loud!   Erik C.
21:37   Jacquot stopped on stage 14
The battle between cars 54 and 41, who were only separated by 1 hundredth before this stage, is over, with car 54 stopped three miles into the stage. The team has their OK sign out, but no word yet on what caused them to stop.   Erik C.
21:32   Song loses tire, rim, and rally lead
Car 95 came into stage 14 finish missing a tire and most of their left front rim. They were over a minute off the pace, which means car 30 moves solidly into the lead.   Erik C.
20:42   318 unable to continue
Car 318 is being towed off stage 13 and will be a DNF.   Erik C.
20:31   Unlucky stage 13
Car 318 Samuelian/Babahekian is reportedly stopped on stage 13, pulled over at a radio blockage.   Erik C.
20:28   Three Way Battle for 5th Overall
Cars 356 and 99 are currently tied for 5th overall in the Cliffs of Gorman, while car 344 is only 2 hundredths behind!   Erik C.
20:24   Lee leaves stage 13 dragging plastic
Car 135 lost about 15 hundredths in the battle for CRS-2 on stage 13, and stage finish reports they were dragging some plastic as they left the stage.   Erik C.
20:21   Battle for third overall intensifies
Car 54 Jacquot/Coleman and car 41 Psara/Bautista tied on stage 13, which means that 54 maintain their lead of just 1 hundredth!   Erik C.
20:13   Plsek wins stage 13
Car 30 Plsek/Gallagher won stage 13, but only by 2 hundredths so not fast enough to take the lead back from car 95 Song/Samli.   Erik C.
20:08   Millen still leads 2Wd
Car 99 Millen/Fate leads 2WD by about 1.5 minutes over 337 for the 2WD Challange Cash!   Erik C.
20:05   The sun has set
The sun is behind the mountains so the rally lights are coming out. The darkness could really shake up the competition on the last 4 stages.   Erik C.
20:00   Lockhart maintains CRS-2 lead
Car 337 continued to pull ahead of the competition ever so slightly. They added another 5 hundredths of a minute on stage 12 over car 135 for a total lead of 13 hundredths.   Erik C.
19:57   Wilson has broken steering
Car 15 Wilson/Wilson came into the finish of stage 12 complaining that something is broken in their steering.   Erik C.
19:55   Jacquot moves up to third
After stage 12, Car 54 Jacquot/Coleman have moved into third overall by the slimmest of margins. They are just 1 hundredth of a minute ahead of car 41 Psara/Bautista.   Erik C.
19:50   Song takes the lead!
Car 95 Song/Samli really turned up the heat and stormed into the lead on stage 12. They beat Plsek by 12 hundredths of a minute to take the overall lead in the Cliffs of Gorman Rally!   Erik C.
19:38   Beavis leading P-Stock
Car 340 Beavis/Sacks have a 0.2 minute lead over the Mazmanians in car 777. This should be an interesting battle when the sun goes down!   Erik C.
19:36   Benson leads Open Lite
Car 312 Benson/Reynold are once again comfortably leading Open Lite. They should have a strong finish if they can make it through the night stages without incident.   Erik C.
19:33   Car 518 stuck on stage 11
Car 518 was stuck at a tight spot on stage 11, blocking the course. They have now completed the stage and are still running.   Erik C.
19:26   Blockage on stage 11
We have a report of a car stopped at a tight spot on stage 11 and is blocking the stage. More information as it comes in.   Erik C.
19:21   CRS-2 continues to be a tight battle
Car 337 Lockhart/Hoche Mong won another stage, but 135 Lee/Dillon and 11 Robinson/Ellzey are right behind. Just 6 hundredths separated them on stage 11.   Erik C.
19:14   Ault loses brakes on stage 11
It has been a tough rally for car 707. They just came into the finish control of stage 11 complaining of no front brakes!   Erik C.
19:12   Song Fights Back!
On stage 11, car 95 Song/Samli picked up the pace and broke Plsek's steak of stage wins. Car 30 and 95 are now tied for the overall lead on Cliffs of Gorman Rally!   Erik C.
19:00   Lockhart with early CRS-2 lead
Lockhart/Hoche Mong in car 337 took an early but slim lead in CRS-2, besting car 135 Lee/Dillon by just 2 hundredths of a minute. Car 11 Robinson/Ellzey is only another 5 hundredths back.   Erik C.
18:50   Saarinens have withdrawn
The Saarinens in car 773 ran into some trouble during an axle change in service. They discovered an interference issue, and have chosen to withdraw from tonight's event.   Erik C.
18:46   Cliffs of Gorman is underway
Car 30 Plsek/Gallagher continue their streak of stage wins in the first stage of tonight's Cliffs of Gorman rally. They beat car 95 Song/Samli by just 7 hundredths of a minute.   Erik C.
16:49   Lee running strong at the moment
Car 135 Lee/Dillon apparently have an intermittent electrical issue, but it did not slow them down on stage 9. They set the second fastest CRS-2 time on that stage, improving by almost a minute over their last pass on the same road.   Erik C.
16:41   Beavis wins P-Stock
Car 340 Beavis/Sacks take the P-Stock win in a close battle over the Mazmanians in car 777. Let's see if Sarkis can get redemption tonight in the Cliffs of Gorman Stages.   Erik C.
16:37   Lockhart wins CRS-2!
Car 337 set a blazing fast time on stage 9 to take the CRS-2 win over car 11 by just 6 hundredths of a minute after over 20 minutes of racing! Look for these two to continue the battle after dark on the Cliffs of Gorman Stages.   Erik C.
16:34   Benson overlooks it on stage 9
Open lite leaders Benson/Reynold in car 312 had a moment on stage 9, and had to back up on stage but made it to the finish to take the unofficial win!   Erik C.
16:29   Psara takes 3rd
Car 41 Psara/Bautista held on to third place overall in the Condor Stages, with 356 Chernis/O'Hanlon in fourth.   Erik C.
16:22   Plsek holds off Song
On the last stage of the Condor Stages event, cars 30 and 95, running in first and second overall, set identical times, which means Plsek/Gallagher are the unofficial winners of Condor Stages!   Erik C.
16:18   One stage left of Condor Stages
With just one stage left in the first CRS event today, Plsek leads Song by less than 30 hundredths of a minute for the overall lead. It's anybody's rally!   Erik C.
16:15   Arboleda with body damage
Car 519 Arboleda/Arteta came into the finish control of stage 8 with a debeaded tire and body damage to the right front.   Erik C.
16:10   2WD Challenge
The Gorman Rally is not only part of the CRS, but it also qualifies for the NASA Rally Sport 2WD Challenge, which pays out cash prizes to the top five 2WD finishers. As it stands now, cars 99, 11, 337, 340 and 773 are in money positions, but there are many stages to go tonight.   Erik C.
16:05   Saarinens moving up
After stalling on stage 1, the Saarinens (car 773) have managed to pick up their pace. Over the last two stages they have moved up from 5th to 3rd in CRS-2.   Erik C.
16:01   CRS-2 Battle is Red Hot!
Cars 11 and 337 tied on stage 8, which means that Lockhart (337) maintains his lead over Robinson (11) by the slimmest of margins, just 1 hundredth of a minute!   Erik C.
15:53   Engine problems for Lee
After having engine problems in the first couple of stages, car 135 Lee/Dillon voluntarily reseeded themselves to the back to not hold up any competitors. However, they were a minute faster than the car in front of them on stage 7 so look for them to be moving back up the start order.   Erik C.
15:51   Benson leads Open Lite
Car 312 Benson/Reynold have a comfortable lead in Open Lite over Mcginty/Boyd in car 518.   Erik C.
15:47   Chernis gains on Psara
Car 356 Chernis/O'Hanlon gained some time on car 41 Psara/Bautista on stage 8 in the battle for third place overall.   Erik C.
15:44   Millen leads 2WD
Car 99, the Toyota Rav 4 driven by Millen/Fate have a comfortable lead in 2WD.   Erik C.
15:38   Beavis maintains P-Stock lead
Car 340 Beavis/Sacks extend their P-Stock lead over the Mazmanians in car 777 on stage 7.   Erik C.
15:34   Lockhart takes the CRS-2 lead
Car 337 beat car 11 by 7 hundredths of a minute on stage 7, which pushes them into the CRS-2 class lead by just 1 hundredth of a minute! Keep a close eye on this battle!   Erik C.
15:28   Ault/Childers have intercom issues
Car 707 David Ault and Michael Childers finished stage 7 reporting intercom issues, but with a respectable time.   Erik C.
15:21   Plsek wins stage 7
Car 30 Plsek/Gallagher put another 8 hundredths of a minute on car 75 Song/Samli to slowly extend their lead.   Erik C.
15:15   Stage 7 is live
Scores will be posted shortly. The organizers took advantage of the break to do a reseed, so expect some shuffling in the start order.   Erik C.
14:06   Stage 7 will be next
After delays to remove vehicles blocking both stages we are going to continue with stage 7 as soon as all the crews are in place.   Erik C.
13:19   Stage 3 Cancelled
Stage 3 will be skipped while crews continue to remove John Trucks' disabled car 51. Meanwhile stage 4 should be starting soon as car 707 Ault is clear of the stage.   Erik C.
12:30   Slight delay
We have a slight delay as cars 51 and 707 are removed from stages 1 and 2, respectively. Should be up and running soon. Car 51 had a small fire on stage that has been extinguished, but the team will be a DNF.   Erik C.
11:58   Ault stopped on Stage 2
Car 707 Ault/Childers is reported stopped in the middle of the road on Stage 2. Problem is unclear at this time.   Erik C.
11:54   Beavis leading P-Stock
Car 340 Beavis/Sacks is leading P-Stock over car 777 Mazmanian/Mazmanian. Beavis's VW Jetta is trading times with the CRS-2 Golfs of Robinson and Lockhart.   Erik C.
11:52   Plsek extends lead over Song
Car 30 put another 11 hundredths of a minute on car 95 on stage 2 to extend his slim lead overall.   Erik C.
11:42   Tight battle for third
After the first stage, cars 41, 344, 707 and 356 are all within 6 hundredths of a minute in that order.   Erik C.
11:36   Robinson leading CRS-2
Car 11 Robinson/Ellzey jumped to an early lead in CRS-2 on stage 1, beating car 337 Lockhart/Hoche Mong by 6 hundredths of a minute.   Erik C.
11:29   Trucks stopped on stage 1
Car 51 Trucks/Fine are reported to be stopped on stage 1 with the OK sign displayed. More info as it comes in.   Erik C.
11:26   Plsek with early lead
Car 30 Plsek/Gallagher is off to an early lead, beating car 95 Song/Samli by just 2 hundredths of a minute on the first stage. Should be a great battle between these two Evos!   Erik C.
11:09   Close battle expected in CRS-2
The CRS-2 class will be worth watching as well. Expect a close battle between Saarinen, Lee, Robinson and Lockhart. The tight and twist stages should be a real equalizer.   Erik C.
11:06   Rally has started!
The first cars are ready for stage 1. Look for some very close competition at the top. Plsek and Song are both in well prepped Mitsubishi Evos, and will be followed closely by the Subarus of Jacquot, Psara, Chernis and Trucks.   Erik C.
21:32   Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Gorman Ridge Rally (Sat - Aug 22) as the action unfolds during the day. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening. So come back on Saturday and check out whats happening.   Mike G.