2015 Mendocino Rally
Live Text
16:49   Mark Tabor Stopped on Stage
It has been reported that Mark Tabor is stopped near the start of stage 4, but they have displayed the OK sign.   Mike G.
16:41   McGuire retires
Brian McGuire will not be starting the last stage due to the hole in his oil pan.   Mike G.
16:37   Psara Wins
It looks like Kris Psara has won overall, beating Chris O'Driscoll by 15 seconds   Mike G.
16:27   Ault fixes intercom problem
Ault reported that they had no intercom on the previous stage due to a battery issue. The problem has been resolved and they are ready for the final stage.   Stacey H.
16:14   McQuire punctures oil pan
McQuire pulled into FTC 3 with what turned out to be a punctured oil pan. They were given 4 quarts of oil and will press on.   Stacey H.
15:31   Benson stopped on Stage
It has been reported that Stephen Benson is stopped on stage three with his OK sign displayed. We do not know the nature of his problems at this time.   Mike G.
15:24   Psara experiencing multiple challenges
Kris Psara has reported that he is having battery issues, so he has lost electronics, including racing tune. He has no center differential. And he is spending some turn-around time using his thumb to tighten his steering wheel.   Stacey H.
13:29   McGinty losing gears
At the end of the second stage Dylan McGinty reported that he has lost 3rd gear and still has no intercom.   Mike G.
13:12   Saarinen stopped on stage 2
It has been reported that Markus Saarinen is stopped on stage two 0.22 miles in, with the OK sign displayed. After yesterday's axle problem they were hoping for a cleaner run today, but it looks like that isn't going to be the case.   Mike G.
13:00   Millen comments on tricky section
The first part of stage 2 has been recently graded, so there is lots of silt and it is very slippery. The second half of the stage hasn't been graded so it is rough. In commenting about the tricky nature of the course Millen said "If it was meant to be easy this would be Formula 1"   Mike G.
12:00   Crest into Crest into Berm
Benson/Renold had an eventful Stage 1. A crest into crest briefly shot them into a berm causing excessive camber on the front left, a missing roof GoPro, and a side GoPro hanging by a zip tie. They are ready for Stage 2.   Stacey H.
11:28   Slippy in the Silt
Several drivers have commented that it's a little slippy in the silty area -- lots of fun.   Stacey H.
11:28   Deer Saw Life Pass Before His Eyes
A deer had a close encounter with the mean green Subaru of David Ault at mile 2 on Stage 1.   Stacey H.
11:25   2nd Gear for Car 99
The 99 car is running great but stage 1 was a challenge for the stock transmission. They spent a lot of time in second gear.   Stacey H.
11:23   Millen fastest 2wd car
Ryan Millen in the Toyota RAV 4 is the fastest 2wd car, beating Pete Pollard by 27 seconds. Markus Saarinen trails Pollard by 2 seconds.   Mike G.
11:19   Car 792 Enjoying Cow Mountain
Car 792 reports that the twisty stage really suits their driving style.   Stacey H.
11:16   Car 339 Reports Loose Control Arm
Car 339 came into FTC 1 with smiles. They loved the twisty stage but reported a loose control arm.   Stacey H.
11:10   Psara draws first Blood
Kris Psara won the first stage, beating Chris O'Driscoll by 9 seconds.   Mike G.
10:43   Day 2 Stage Crews in Position
Stage crews are in position. Day 2 is on schedule to start on time at 10:45 AM.   Stacey H.
10:09   Sunday About to Start
We have 17 cars ready to leave Ken Fowler Subaru for the start of Sunday's event. There is a bit of cloud cover, so we are hoping for a bit cooler temperatures today, but time will tell.   Mike G.
19:02   O'Driscoll takes road points
O'Driscoll made a calculation error and took 1 min of road points costing him the win.   Mike G.
18:40   O'Driscoll Wins Overall
Chris O'Driscoll pulled out all the stops on stage 4 beating Kris Psara by 20 seconds on stage 4.   Mike G.
17:30   Saarinens return
After repairing their broken axle Markus & Aiicia Saarinen are going to be returning to the rally - fun running the last stage (stage 4). Ivan Tzvetanov also returned to fun run on stage 3 and will also be running on stage 4. So while today had 3 official DNFs 2 of them have returned.   Mike G.
17:21   Boyd is good with her hands
With no usable intercom Marie Boyd has resorted to using hand signals to call the notes to her,driver Dylan McGinty. First the direction then the number of fingers to denote the corner magnitude. I wonder how she calls a cliff !   Mike G.
16:15   Copt Rolled
We have now found out that Jason Copt actually rolled on stage 2 and his progress was stopped by a tree or large bush. It has been speculated that it will take many weekends in the garage to repair this car.   Mike G.
14:38   Copt off road and a DNF
Jason Copt is about 10 ft off the road on stage 2. Both drivers are OK and walked back to the previous road blockage, but the car will probably not be continuing.   Mike G.
14:37   McGinty stopped on stage 2
Dylan McGinty is stopped on stage 2 with the OK sign displayed. Update: McGinty is now moving under his own power.   Mike G.
14:24   Kristen is hot
It as been reported that it is so hot that Kristen Tabor had to turn off her air conditioner during stage 2 top keep the engine from running too hot. Then a bit later she hard to turn on the heater.   Mike G.
14:17   Tzetanov is a DNF
It has been reported that Ivan Tzvetanov was unable to complete repairs to his control arm in time to run stage 2 and as such will be a DNF. He hopes to fun run stages 3 and 4 More: After working on the control arm for a bit he discovered that their spare was from the wrong car. However Lee Sorenson (0 car driver) was able to supply him the proper control arm.   Mike G.
14:12   Millen leads the 2wd cars
After 2 stages and the DNF of Markus Saarinen, Ryan Millen is easily leading the 2wd pack and sitting fourth overall.   Mike G.
14:06   Psara Leads Overall
After stage 2 Kris Psara leads Chris O'Driscoll by a scant 12 seconds.   Mike G.
13:52   Stage 2 is hot
After service and a reseed the cars are now running stage 2, which is a rerun of stage 1   Mike G.
13:05   Tzvetanov is moving
It has been reported that Ivan Tzvetanov is now moving again on stage 1 after repairing an axle.   Mike G.
12:57   Rod Millen hanging out in service
Rally legend Rod Millen is hanging out in service watching the scores and waiting for his son Ryan to arrive after the first stage.   Mike G.
12:55   Tzvetanov stopped on stage 1
It has been reported that Ivan Tzvetanov is stopped on stage one with the OK sign out. The nature of his problem is unknown at this time.   Mike G.
12:33   McGuire limping on stage 1
Brian McGuire is still moving on stage one, but is going rather slowly. The cause of his problem is unknown. We will probably get a report when he gets to the finish of the stage.   Mike G.
12:29   Saarinen DNFs on stage 1
Markus Saarinen is stopped on stage 1 fairly early on the stage with the OK sign displayed. The sweep teams are with him now. The report from sweep is that he has a blown clutch and is probably done for the day. Correction: the problem was a broken axle.   Mike G.
12:20   McGuire Stopped on stage 1
It has been reported that Brian McGuire was stopped on stage 1, but he is now moving again.   Mike G.
12:15   Copt hit something
Jason Copt hit something about a half mile from the finish of the first stage and lost all power. Fortunately it was downhill all the way to the stop control and so he was able to coast all the way to the finish. He is trying to figure out what is wrong as we speak.   Mike G.
11:56   Stage one is hot
Stage 1 is hot in more ways than one. Cars are running on the stage and all is going well at this point, but it is nice to be in an air conditioned car. There is a light breeze blowing, so dust should not be a problem for the competitors. Scores will be coming in soon.   Mike G.
23:57   Rally Gods Smile on Cars 415 and 518
A passing comment overheard in the hotel parking lot revealed that the incompatible intercom cable in Car 518 was the perfect solution to an intercom problem Car 415 was experiencing -- and Car 415 had what was needed to fix Car 518's intercom problem. The simple plugging in of a single cable means that both teams can sleep well tonight with the knowledge they are ready to rally in the morning!   Stacey H.
20:10   "Marie, yell louder into the soup can!"
Car 518 starts tech off on the "other" foot with intercom interface woes. Stilo? Peltor? Terraphone? WRC or Cup helmet? Whatever the combination is, they don't have the right cable for it and neither does anyone else. Time for two cans and some string? Other crews are betting on horses -- err, hoarse co-driver Marie Boyd by the end of stage one!   Stacey H.
11:19   Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you live text from the Mendocino Rally on July 18 & 19 (Sat & Sun). While similar to twitter, live text has no limit on the number of characters, so we can make the text as long as is necessary to convey what is happening. So check back here during the rally to see what is happening.   Mike G.