2015 Idaho Rally
Live Text
13:14   Bailey showing off
Jason Bailey was showing off, trying to knock over some "flamingos" (placed by spectators) on the outside of a corner, spun, hit the front end and continued. It seems like rarely pays off to show off for spectators.   Mike G.
12:59   Saarinen steps it up
Markus Saarinen stepped up his pace on stage 4 (Grimes Pass North) beating Dave Clark by 16 seconds and pulled into the lead for the 2wd challenge. Markus added another 5 seconds to his lead on the last stage to cement the win.   Mike G.
12:42   Ramana Eats Dust
Since Ramana Lagemann had trouble and DNFed the regional on stage 3 today, he ended up running at the back of the pack. He started stage 4 6 minutes behind the previously last car. He thenproceeded to make up all but 10 seconds of the 6 minutes. His time was a very fast 13:12.   Mike G.
12:26   Garth wins by 2 seconds
Jeff Seehorn staged a comeback on the last 2 stages,to pull within 2 seconds of Byron Garth. So after an hour and 53 minutes of stage time, Garth wins by 2 seconds.   Mike G.
18:17   Car 238's flat
Matthew and Nic Binczewski's car suffered a flat on stage 10 and lost 7 minutes.   Paula G.
17:06   Car 559 and 74 saga!
Turns out the BMW of Lagemann/Beavis had put their tow strap out but weren't getting any takers to tow them to the finish until the Impreza of car 559, Eric Genack/Tracy Manspeaker. This team willingly started towing the BMW up the steep grade but suddenly the tow strap broke. The hook sprang back and damaged the radiator. At that point car 559 gave up and headed on, only to get stuck immediately. Eventually they got out with some help from the car 74 team (who are still on stage).   Paula G.
16:47   BMW of Lagemann/Beavis off on stage 9
The #74 BMW, which won this rally two years ago, is reported off with apparent mechanical issues partway through stage 9.   Paula G.
16:34   Car 74 off on stage 9
Car 74 is reported off with the OK sign out on stage 9.   Paula G.
16:30   Car 116 stopped on stage 8
The Ford Cortina of John Hill and Billy Irvin stopped just half a mile from the finish of stage 8, reason unknown.   Paula G.
16:23   Car 720's scary experience
A story picked up today about yesterday's stages: car 720, Michael Huffman and Alex Zamora, DNF'd yesterday. The reason: on a steep cliffy downhill, lost their brakes. They had to decide between going over the cliff or hitting the bank! They chose the latter, damaging their suspension. However, they've fixed things and are running again in today's rally.   Paula G.
16:21   UTV Carl Marcum broken down on stage 8
The speedy UTV of Carl Marcum, who was running as high as third yesterday, is broken down on Stage 8 - no report yet as to whether he can continue.   Paula G.
08:46   Millen experiments with aerodynamics
Ryan Millen finished stage 2 (Grimes Pass North 1) with his rear hatch open. The control crew was speculating that he was experimenting with extra down force.   Mike G.
08:28   3 cars stopped on stage 2
It has been reported that we now have 3 cars stopped on stage 2 (Grimes Pass North 1). Carl Marcum (Polaris RZR) , Chris Cash (CanAm Maverick) and Daniel Rockrohr (Subaru Impreza). It has now been reported that Rockrohr had a flat tire.   Mike G.
08:05   Marcum off on stage 2
It has been reported that Carl Marcum is off on Grimes Pass North (stage 2) and has been passed by car 339. It has now been reported that Marcum is moving again.   Mike G.
06:21   No Turkeys for Tabors Today
Kristen and Janice report that they finished Harris Creek without seeing their turkey friend from yesterday.   MHM
06:17   Benson collects shrubbery
Steven Bensen and Nicolas Renold came into the finish of SS1 (Harris Creek) with some foliage stuck to their car. They went up on a berm on a righthander and trimmed things back a bit.   MHM
06:39   Stage 1 is dusty
As second car on the road Jeff Seehorn reported that even with a 2 minute spacing dust was a problem on Harris Creek. Since then just about every car has reported more and more hanging dust.   Mike G.
06:30   Sunday Stages are active
Harris Creek East (the first stage of the day) is now running and times will start coming in shortly.   Mike G.
16:26   Carl Marcum's Polaris has a slipping belt
It has been affecting his top speed and by the end of Harris Creek he was down to a max of about 65mph. He still put down the third fastest time and at the end of Day 1 sits in 3rd Overall.   MHM
16:48   Fillman-Sullivan off road
It has been reported that Elijah Fillman-Sullivan is off the road with his OK sign showing on Harris Creek West (last stage for today).   Mike G.
16:08   Binczewski has a flat ?
While it was reported that Matthew Binczewski had a flat tire about 1 mile from the finish of the last stage, it now appears that he ran out of coolant and will probably not be continuing.   Mike G.
16:01   Marcum moves into 3rd overall
Carl Marcum driving his Polaris RZR moved into 3rd overall by beating Christopher O'Driscoll by 22 seconds on today's last stage. However his lead is only 4 seconds and tomorrow still has lots of racing.   Mike G.
15:57   Garth extends lead
Byron Garth extended his lead on today's last stage by beating Jeff Seehorn by 7 seconds. His lead now sits at a scant 39 seconds.   Mike G.
15:53   Open Lite Cars are 8th, 9th and 10th
As we prepare to start the last stage for today the top Open Lite cars sit in 8th, 9th and 10 th overall. Steven Redd is currently leading the class with Daniel Rockrohr 45 sec behind. Another minute behind is Jeffrey Price.   Mike G.
15:48   Close battle for 2nd in 2wd
Going into the last stage of the day Ramana Lagemann has a 2 minute lead in two wheel drive. However there are 3 cars that are all very close for second place in 2wd. Currently in 2nd is Dave Clark with Markus Saarinen 12 seconds behind and Ryan Millen another 7 seconds behind Saarinen. This Could be interesting.   Mike G.
15:34   Open may get closer
Since Jeff Seehorn fixed his brakes he has been nibbling away at Byron Garth's lead, which is now 32 seconds with one stage remaining for today. Christopher O'Driscoll is another 1:19 back.   Mike G.
14:49   Price without intercom
It has been reported that Jeffrey Price ran the first 3 stages without an intercom. He was able to repair it in service when he was able to borrow the proper connector.   Mike G.
14:42   Rimmer on two wheels
James Rimmer reported at the end of stage 4 that they went up the bank, ran on two wheels and then were able to come back down on all 4 wheels and continued.   Mike G.
14:41   Lagemann has flat on Stage 5
They developed a leaker with about three miles to go and it was flat by the finish. "It didn't slow us down that much", said codriver Chrissie Beavis.   MHM
14:18   Rimmer pulls off steering wheel
It has been reported that James Rimmer had his quick release steering wheel come off mid stage on stage 3. He was able to repair it and finish the stage.   Mike G.
14:15   Huffman off road on stage 4
Michael Huffman went off the road on Alder Creek North 2 and has the OK sign out.   Mike G.
14:09   Seehorn has brake issue
I has been reported that Jeff Seehorn was having brake issues on the first 3 stages. They were able to fix it in service and are now able to challenge Byron Garth.   Mike G.
12:24   Chiarelli in the pond
Joseph Chiarelli left the road on Grimes Pass South and ended up in the beaver pond. Everyone is OK just a bit damp   Mike G.
11:02   Gillow-Wiles Update
It turns out that Henry Gillow-Wiles was having overheating problems and stopped on the first stage. He eventually took his hood off and left it there, and has now completed the stage.   Mike G.
11:01   Conraad Update
Christopher Conrad has now completed stage 1. His problem was that a cir clip on the clutch master cylinder can loose. He has fixed it somehow and is back running.   Mike G.
10:55   2 cars off on stage 1
Both Henry Gillow-Wiles and Diego De Castro have gone off the road on stage 1. Both have displayed the OK sign. It has been reported that Gillow-Wiles is now moving again.   Mike G.
10:53   Greer won't be leaving service
Robert Greer won't be leaving the first service, due to co-driver illness.   Mike G.
10:44   Conrad making repairs
Christopher Conrad has stopped on the first stage and is making repairs. We now have word that he is moving again.   Mike G.
10:43   Fortunato off road
Agatino Fortunato went off the road on Alder Creek stage, just past the summit. The OK sign has been displayed.   Mike G.
10:13   Price earns a 3 min card
Jeff Price beat the preceding car (UTV Rod Marcum) by just over a minute, earning himself a 3 min card (gap) for the next two stages.   Mike G.
9:42:   Carl Markum forgets to go to Stop Control
Carl Markum, driving solo in the Polaris RZR, stopped after flying finish of Stage 1. After looking around puzzled for a few moments he remembered and continued on his way. Good thing too - he set a blindingly fast time on SS1 and is currently second overall.   Michel H-M
09:53   Kristen is a turkey ?
No, actually Kristen Tabor almost hit a wild turkey on stage 1. It has been reported that there is photographic evidence from one of the road guards.   Mike G.
09:48   Duncan Smith gets a 3 min card
Duncan Smith beat the preceding car (Jeff Timpe) by almost 2 min. As such he earned a 3 min card (gap from the previous car) for the next two stages (until the reseed).   Mike G.
09:41   Lagemann dripping oil?
The Finish control for stage one reports that after Ramana Lagemann left there was some oil on the pavement. It is not clear which car left it, Ramana was the last car before it was noticed.   Mike G.
09:35   Steven Redd has a flat
Steven Redd pulled into the finish of stage one with a flat right rear tire.   Mike G.
09:25   Garth draws first blood
Car 56, Byron Garth has laid down a blazing time on the first stage, Harris Creek, beating Jeff Seehorn by 26 seconds.   Mike G.
09:14   Stage one is hot
Cars started stage 1 on schedule. All cars will be running with a 2 minute gap between cars, which should alleviate problems associated with dust. In addition, for the first time, the UTVs will be running among the cars, based on their respective speed factors.   Mike G.
22:24   Three Championships
This event counts for three championships: The Nasa Rallysport Pacific Rally Cup, two events in both the California Rally Series, and the Cascadia International Rally Championship.   Paula G.
22:22   Strong Field for Idaho Rally
No less than 12 cars or riders at the top of the pack have a speed factor of 90 or above! Interesting fact: ten of those twelve are driving four-wheel-drive Subarus. One is the two-wheel-drive BMW M3 that won the weekend overall two years ago, and the last isn't a car at all - it's Carl Marcum's Polaris RZR!   Paula G.
22:19   2015 Idaho Rally Begins
The Idaho International Rally starts today, Saturday, with a very strong field of 48 cars and UTVs.   Mike G.