2014 Seed 9 Rally
Live Text
01:12   Chernis moves into 3rd
After finding an error in the road points Doug Chernis has moved into 3rd place 23 seconds ahead of Cameron Steeley.   Mike G.
00:44   Egger and Arboleda DNF on stage 5
We have a report that Steve Egger is stopped on stage 5 near road block 1 and has run out of coolant and is a DNF. Christian Arboleda is also stopped on stage 5 and he believes he has run out of gas.   Mike G.
00:21   Huang withdraws
Rui Huang has not shown up for the start of stage 5 so we are assuming he has withdrawn with mechanical difficulties.   Mike G.
00:15   Sterckx wins
David Sterckx has won the rally overall leading George Plsek just over 4 minutes. The battle for third was won by Cameron Steely who bested Brian Scott by a mere 2 seconds. Jason Copt was next only 8 seconds behind Scott   Mike G.
23:01   Duplessis is a DNF
Chris Duplessis has a broken right front spindle and is a DNF.   Mike G.
22:59   Burden is a DNF
Richard Burden is stopped on stage 4. The report is that he has a transmission problem. We now know that he is a DNF   Mike G.
22:53   Olivares rear brakes on fire
Javier Olivares came through the finish of stage 4 with both his rear brakes on fire. When he left the control zone the rear wheels were not rolling. Doesn't look good for stage 5.   Mike G.
22:15   Duplessis stopped on stage
Chris Duplessis appears to be stopped on stage 4 just before the flying finish. We have an additional report that he might have a broken wheel.   Mike G.
21:36   Lee is a DNF
Brent Lee reported that he hit a coffee table sized rock and broke the rear beam in the suspension and will not be able to continue.   Mike G.
21:29   Lee is moving
It has been reported that Brent Lee is now moving down the stage, so we are hoping he will be able to finish the stage and make whatever repairs are possible at the turn around.   Mike G.
21:07   Scott gets a flat
Brian Scott got a flat on stage 3 and drove on it to the finish destroying the wheel in the process. He still had a really good time, so lets hope he didn't damage anything under the car.   Mike G.
20:59   Lee stopped on stage
It has been reported that Brent Lee is stopped on stage 3 with the OK sign out. It is unclear what his problem might be, however it was reported that he is stopped after a particularly rough section so he may be another victim of the ruts.   Mike G.
20:56   Copt pushing too hard?
Jason Copt came into the finish of stage 3 dragging his skid plate and commented that his front shocks may be blown. He said "those washes really got us".   Mike G.
20:00   Song Withdraws
Tingwu Song, who is currently sitting in 2nd overall, will not restart after the service break. It is reported that he has suffered a broken suspension. Maybe those washes have taken their toll. Song's withdrawal will move Chris Duplessis into second overall.   Mike G.
19:48   Verdier low on power
Stephan Verdier reports that he is very low on power, "can't even pull 4th gear - need to stay in 3rd". That would explain his slower than normal stage times. Lets hope that he can find a remedy during the long service between stages 2 and 3.   Mike G.
19:13   Copt turns it up
Jason Copt turned a 6:26 on stage 2 bettering his stage 1 time by 20 seconds, moving him from 8th overall up to 6th overall. His next challenge may be to keep the car together.   Mike G.
19:01   Hanging Dust
As is often the case at night, the wind drops off and the dust hangs in the air for a long period of time. Some of the cars coming into the finish of stage 2 were unable to see the flying finish sign due to the hanging dust. As a result the organizers have elected to change the spacing from 2 minutes to 3 minutes, hoping the extra gap will help alleviate the visibility problem.   Mike G.
18:57   Saarinen Withdraws
Markus and Alicia Saarinen have had to withdraw after stage 2 with a broken lower control arm. This sounds similar to the problem that plagued them in 2013.   Mike G.
18:15   Car 209 also limps in
Car 209 came into stage 2 finish with the right front tire wobbling and some possible body damage.   Paula G.
18:03   Car 51 comes in limping after stage 2
Car 51 arrived at the finish of stage 2 with a flat tire, the skid plate dragging, and the exhaust loose. The rough desert roads are beginning to take their toll.   Paula G.
16:30   Duplessis fastest 2wd car
Chris Duplessis takes thes early 2wd lead by 45 seconds over Brian Scott who beat Markus Saarinen by 25 seconds, which is a big gap for a seven mile stage. It should however be noted that Duplessis is in a Rally 5 class car while Scott & Saarinen are in Rally 2 class cars.   Mike G.
16:26   Stage report
This rally may well be decided not by who is the fastest, but by who handles the three very nasty ruts across the road. All three ruts are in high speed sections of the road, and all three could cause major damage for the unwary. Since there is only one stage road the drivers will get a chance to see the ruts 5 times during the course of the day. Three times going West and twice going East.   Mike G.
16:19   Sterckx takes early lead
David Sterckx beat Tingwu Song by 7 seconds to take the early lead. Go to http://www.rallydata.com/default.cfm to get all the scores. Just take the "Seed 9 Results" link in the upper right corner of the home page.   Mike G.
15:17   Perusina / Wise line up with the rookies
After a challenging Mendocino rally where they soldiered on to get a finish. Cautious about the rough roads here at Seed 9, they are aiming to finish and keep learning. After joining forces 4 months ago with combined intentions for rallying adventures they aim to come back for more next year.   Matthew J.
14:48   Sterckx working with FY Racing on 2015 testing
David Sterckx moved from SP to Open in the RA series this year, he started working on a new engine development program with Adam Yeomans FY Racing at LSPR. They plan to crank up the gigawatts here at Seed 9. John Reed will be sitting in the co-driver seat for the first time in several years, he is the teams engine tuner and will have dual jobs as they scream down the stage. Keep an eye on them for the overall win if things don't go melting and booming to pieces!   Matthew J.
14:18   George Plsek returns to Seed 9 with surfing pal
George grabbed his buddy Rob Farrow off the beach to come play in the desert this weekend. His Evo is one of the nicest in the championship and its currently FOR SALE. After this stop Plsek is headed to Tahiti to do some paddling and swimming competition. Check out http://www.battleofthepaddle.com/ to see the sorts of things he's up to!   Matthew J.
14:08   Brian Scott ready to make his beautiful 240Z sing
If you have any remaining passion for the original Z cars you've got to get to an event and see Brian's latest ride. After an alternator failure and some other random issues including the clutch at Prescott he's back to sling some rock and enjoy this sleek ride at Seed9.   Matthew J.
14:01   Rick Song back to Seed 9 looking for a repeat win
Song says its going to be an interesting run on such fast stages that have a few tricky spots that try to turn top cars into 3 wheel drive class. His new Evo is on display to intimidate the rest of the field!   Matthew J.
13:51   Chris Duplessis in debut drive with Nameless
Chris Duplessis is finally having a chance to see what he can do in the Nameless Performance GT86. He says its taking a little adjustment to compensate for the power and having all of it come from the rear. He's hoping for a solid test after the latest cooling upgrades performed by moving the radiator to the back. Seed 9 will hopefully set in motion a relationship that may continue to rallies next season.   Matthew J.
13:42   Tracy Manspeaker ready for fun with Gardiner's MYA
The two rally ladies are ready to zoom and Manspeaker hopes to get driver Tracy up to some rally events in the northwest as well. Alan Gardiner was stoked to get to drive to SEMA instead of flying in like his rock star wife.   Matthew J.
13:35   Cameron Steely running an R1
Cameron says he's here to learn more about notes and try a few new experiments. He's driving a Fiesta R1 here and planning to run in Sno*Drift then switching to a Fiesta ST similar to R3 spec the rest of next season. Cameron did Seed 9 two years ago and was 4th overall in his Focus at the time.   Matthew J.
13:30   1st rally for Brent Lee and Ryan Scott
Brent Lee is back at the wheel with a new co-driver Ryan Scott and planning to live stream in car footage starting around 2pm on www.surfrat.com look for the Seed 9 rally link.   Matthew J.
13:27   Crouch - Verdier reunion
Scott Crouch and Stephan Verdier are happy to be out rallying together again. They intend to finish an event on four wheels instead of the way their last outing ended. Scott has been driving himself some in the past couple years but thought it would be cool to run with the Frenchman again. Steph's plan is to go fast enough to enjoy it and be there at the top when problems befall the teams here testing for next season.   Matthew J.
00:20   Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Seed 9 Rally as the action unfolds during the rally. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description of what's happening.   Mike G.