2014 High Desert Trails Rally
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20:45   Chavez earns 2WD NNRC event!
After dueling all day with Bret and Doug Robinson and trading stage wins, Tony Chavez and Raquel Salas won the top 2WD position in the first Pacific Rally Cup event of the 2014 NASA National Rally Championship, High Desert Trails! Great job, all the 2WD teams - it's fun to see that good 'ol Golfs are still so competitive and so fun!   Paula G.
20:41   Mojave Stages and NNRC overall won by McAllister!
The first NASA National Rally Championship Pacific Rally Cup event of the year has been won overall (and in 4WD) by Todd McAllister and Trent Bateman, who managed to fend off a strong challenge by John Trucks/Christopher Fine. They also won both CRS events, Chapparal Stages and Mojave Stages. Congratulations!   Paula G.
20:20   Power Stage win CORRECTION!
Braving dust and gathering gloom, Todd McAllister/Trent Bateman have won the 4WD Power Stage, while 2WD honors (and $200 toward Pirelli tires from Streetwise Motorsports) go to Erik Christiansen and Amy Floyd, blowing away Tony Chavez's time (who admitted at the awards that he was going as fast as he could to win the Power Stage!). Congratulations to both teams!   Paula G.
20:14   Power Stage quote from Car 15
One of CRS's most experienced competitors says running the Power Stage with dust and nearly dark is too scary for this old man! Congrats, Chuck Wilson - you really cranked it up on the second event (until it got dark!).   Paula G.
19:45   Cars are ready to face the Power Stage
After a long day of rallying, the final test: the Power Stage! Just in time as well: the teams don't have driving lights mounted and it's just sunset!   Paula G.
18:48   Jonathan Burke and Robinsons forced to withdraw
The fastest AWD team on many stages today and last year's HDT winners, Jonathan Burke/Tom Morningstar, have suffered transmission problems on stage 11 (3rd stage of the second regional rally) and have withdrawn. The current 2WD leaders, Brett and Doug Robinson, have been struggling with an overheating coil today and it finally caused them to have to withdraw on the transit to stage 11. So Tony Chavez again takes over the 2WD lead. Pictured are the rally cars at the turn around between Sorrell Peak North Short and Sorrell Peak South Short.   Paula G.
18:22   Rosners run afoul of water crossing
The Geo Metro of Chris and Victoria Rosner crossed the finish line on Stage 2, a water crossing, but their car promptly stalled. The team is trying to get the car running well enough to make it up the steep Geringer Grade transit! Pictured are Erik Christiansen and Amy Floyd going through the same water splash.   Paula G.
18:16   Jonathan Burke determined to reclaim HDT win
Jonathan Burke and Tom Morningstar, last year's High Desert Trails winners, are determined to salvage the weekend after a disappointing third overall on the first regional CRS event. They have taken a strong lead of 30 seconds after the first two stages.   Paula G.
17:32   Pacific Rally Cup continues with second event
The competitors that survived the tough eight early stages today (that made up the first regional CRS event) will now continue to complete the full NASA National Rally Championship event in a different arrangement of stages: the popular Jawbone Canyon, twistier Dearborn run to the west, then a shorter out and back on the tricky new Sorrell Peak stages, and finally the amazing Power Stage which includes Dearborn and Jawbone downhill in one long stage.2WD and 4WD winners of this stage each win $200 toward Pirelli Tires from Streetwise Motorsports.   Paula G.
17:04   2WD battle fun to watch!
At the finish of Chapparal Stages, the Robinson's Golf finished just 16 seconds ahead of Tony and Raquel's Golf. What a great battle! It should be pointed out that Tony's car is the CRS Performance Stock Class winner and the Robinson's Golf won CRS-2. In the NNRC Pacific Rally Cup Standings, the 2WD roster stands like this: Robinsons, then Chavez/Salas, then Erik Christiansen/Amy Floyd's Golf GTi less than 2 minutes back and 2nd in CRS-2, then Eddie Fiorelli/Brent Ellzey's Golf, 3rd in CRS-2, then the Rosner's Geo Metro, 2nd in Performance Stock.   Paula G.
16:52   Todd McAllister/Trent Bateman win Chapparal Stages
Todd McAllister put in a consistent fast performance to finish first AWD, first in CRS Open, and first overall in the Coefficient 3 California Rally Series event Chapparal Stages, first CRS event of the season. He and co-driver Trent faced a steady challenge from the John Trucks/Christopher Fine STi, who completed the rally only 29 seconds behind. Both teams benefited from Jonathan Burke's troubles on stage 5 and 8. Third overall and in class and AWD were Hakan Okcuoglu and Sean McElwain, who also did a great job through all the stages in their Eagle Talon.   Paula G.
16:36   Jonathan Burke has battery issue
The battery of Jonathan Burke/Tom Morningstar's Subaru WRX came loose and caused sparks and shorting out on stage 8, forcing the team to stop yet again to make repairs before losing all the time they had made up... and then some more.   Paula G.
16:30   Three cars come back to life on stage 6, but 916 is out
The STi of Hong Bin Duan and Jing Wang hit a tree and suffered front suspension damage. As a result, they have had to withdraw.   Paula G.
15:58   Sorrell Peak continues to claim its victims
On this second running of Sorrell Peak South Long, two cars are reported off to the side with triangles and OK signs out: Hong Bin Duan and Jing Wang of China in their Subaru STi, and Eddie Fiorelli and Brent Ellzey in their VW Golf GTi. We've heard that Chuck Wilson/Leelyn Pritchard's STi is out of gas but getting some from someone on the stage and continuing. Finally, Car 43, Chris and Victoria Rosner, were stopped onstage for a while but are now continuing slowly. UPDATE: Fiorelli's 726 is reported running again! on stage 6.   Paula G.
15:45   Challenging Sorrell Peak stage
The new stages on Sorrell Peak are unpredictable and tight, with lots of places to make a mistake. Jonathan Burke beat his stage 2 time by 46 seconds the second time around but arrived at the finish control with no front bumper!   Paula G.
15:04   David Easter and Chuck Wilson three hundredths apart
Chuck Wilson and Leelyn Pritchard will be looking to move back up the pack now that their brakes are working! They are currently just three hundredths of a minute behind the WRX of David Easter and Malli Sheaffer.   Paula G.
14:56   Carnes/Yazdani Audi is out with overheating problems
The sweep is towing the steaming Audi 4000CS of Michael Carnes to the finish of stage 5 - speculation is a possible blown head gasket. Temperatures continue to be in the low 90s, although there is a stiff breeze blowing to blow away the dust.   Paula G.
14:51   Great battle in 2WD!
Bret and Doug Robinson put in a blazing stage time on stage 5, the reverse of the stage where Tony Chavez/Raquel Salas blew them away on stage 4! As a result, the Robinsons are now just one hundredth ahead of their rivals. Now the battle continues on the challenging twisty high elevation Sorrell Peak South stage which Chavez won by only 3 seconds earlier today....   Paula G.
14:37   Burke/Morningstar give up rally lead
Jonathan Burke's Subaru WRX suffered tire failure at 100 mph on the very fast Jawbone Vally stage. Stopping to change it has dropped them to third overall behind Trucks/Fine and McAllister/Bateman.   Paula G.
14:22   Chuck Wilson's no brakes story at Stage 2 finish
Chuck Wilson and Leelyn Pritchard's Subaru STi had no brakes at the finish of Stage 2, so they sailed past the finish control until they found an uphill and a tree to stop them! As a result of the damage they had to strap the bumper on and lost 13 minutes (1.30 min. penalty) getting down the very steep Geringer Grade transit to arrive late at the start of stage 3.   Paula G.
13:19   Burke and Chavez lead AWD and 2WD at service break
At the first mid-rally break, Jonathan Burke/Tom Morningstar's Subaru WRX leads the AWD cars by 1 minute 22 hundredths (of a minute). The leading 2WD car is now Tony Chavez/Raquel Salas's VW Golf, who managed to pull past the Robinson's Golf by 28 seconds after the two teams took turns beating each other! This should be a great battle.   Paula G.
13:02   Car 42 finishes stage 4 with a flat!
The Audi 4000CS of Michael Carnes and Reza Yazdani came into the finish control of the fourth stage with a left rear flat tire. They had elected to finish the stage before changing it.   Paula G.
13:01   Fiorelli/Ellzey explain slow stage 1 time
Upon arriving at service, Eddie Fiorelli explained that the hose clamp on the throttle body boot of his Golf GTI came loose, causing them to lose about 5 minutes on the stage.   Paula G.
12:58   Car 9 Okcuoglu/Akdeniz red cross on stage 4
Car 14 stopped at Car 9, Murat Okcuoglu and Cem Akdeniz, when the latter showed them the "red cross" asking for medical assistance they thought might be needed for heat stroke. After being checked by the stage's medical crew, the team declined transport and are receiving cooling treatment from the EMTs. Now that the red cross has been shown, Car 14 and all subsequent stage finishers will receive a representative stage time of 9.63. UPDATE: the team has now driven off of the stage following the medical sweep team.   Paula G.
12:05   Correction: Rosners nearly encounter a Sierra tree
The report is in that Chris and Victoria Rosner's Geo Metro nearly struck a tree partway through stage 2, the new Sorrell Peak stage in the high Sierras. However, the ham net reports that they are now continuing to drive the stage. Update: the team went off the road and almost hit a tree, but were able to regain the stage road and continue to finish the second stage.   Paula G.
11:39   Rui Huang/Amy Feistel withdraw with tranny problems
Unfortunately the number 915 Mitsubishi Evo 10 of Rui Huang and Amy Feistel have called for their service crew to come get them at the end of Stage 1. They report they only had first gear on that stage. The driver hails from Beijing, China, and is an experienced rallyist. His car, a former Antoine L'Estage GRC car, is entered by European Rally School in Florida.   Paula G.
11:18   Bret and Doug Robinson lead 2WD Cars
Bret and his dad, Doug Robinson, took the 2WD and CRS-2 lead by finishing the first stage just 6 seconds ahead of Tony Chavez/Raquel Salas. Both teams are in VW Golf GTIs.   Paula G.
11:16   Jonathan Burke wins first stage
The Subaru WRX of Jonathan Burke and Tom Morningstar has won the first stage handily with a 43 second lead over the Subaru STi of Todd McAllister and Trent Bateman.   Paula G.
10:43   15 Cars take start of Stage 1
Two cars were unable to make it to the start line: Evan Davis's Subaru Legacy and Javier Olivares's Ford Escort. Javier was reported to be dealing with major mechanical difficulties last night, so withdrew. We hear that Evan's first rally was not to be, due to not having the required head and neck restraint with him when he arrived at the Park Expose - somehow it was still back in Ridgecrest - a shame!   Paula G.
10:33   High Desert Trails Rally has started!
The first car has started the first stage! The cars were on display for a half hour Park Expose at the Service Area in Jawbone Canyon, and now headed up the hill to the first stage, Jawbone Valley.   Paula G.
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RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the High Desert Trails Rally as the action unfolds during the event. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description. So come back on Saturday, May 3 and check out what is happening. The first car is expected to finish the first stage around 10:30 AM.   Mike G.