2014 Desert Storm Rally
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22:15   Scores are Final
The scores have now gone final (at 10:15 PM).   Mike G.
21:53   Scores Go Provisional
The scores have now gone provisional (at 9:45 PM) at the Capital Suites.   Mike G.
21:24   Black in the Sand
On the super special John Black and Lori Stone took the table top jumps on their first pass, but then elected to go around them on their second pass. Unfortunately they got stuck in some deep sand and had to be towed out by Mater (the tow truck).   Mike G.
21:08   Speedway Super Special
The speedway super special is about to begin. The course includes two passes through a dirt section with bumps and a couple of jumps that can be skipped (driven around), if desired as well as two partial laps on the oval.   Mike G.
17:58   Stage One Thrown
The organizer has decided to throw stage one and with it the road points that occurred at the Radar control. With this action Darren Skilton currently still leads Adam Short by 1:10 who is 41 sec ahead of Cameron Steely. John Trucks lies in fourth 34 sec another back.   Mike G.
16:56   Short Moves Up
AFter Brent Lee's withdrawal and Cameron Steely's shredded tire Adam Short finds himself in second overall based on stage times with only the super special left to go. However John Trucks now lies in third only 2 seconds behind Short. So it looks like the speedway will decide second overall (prior to road points). A pretty impressive finish for Adam's first rally drive.   Mike G.
16:42   McAllister finishes stage 8
With his severe rear toe in Todd McAllister was very happy to make it to the finish of stage 8. Paula said it looked like the car was swimming down the road as the rear end first tried to push the car one way and then the other. Todd said "it gets really tricky at about 60 MPH".   Mike G.
16:33   Noise Problems for Smith
Tim Brown (Kurt Smith's co-driver) got a noise cancelling microphone, which he has been using today, with very poor results. Meaning that Kurt could barely hear Tim. Turns out the microphone was mounted backwards so it was a Stage Notes canceling microphone. They fixed it at service and Kurt can now hear Tim.   Mike G.
16:25   Steely shreds a tire
Cameron Steely came into the finish of stage 8 with a shredded left rear tire that they drove on for at least 4 miles.   Mike G.
16:18   Brent Lee retires
It has been reported that Brent Lee and John Dillon have a stuck throttle linkage problem and will not be able to continue. It sounds like sweep will be towing them out of the stage to the blacktop.   Mike G.
15:46   Skilton Takes the Lead
As a result of John Truck's drama and a clean run on stage 7 by Darren Skilton and Ole Holter they now has the lead after 7 stages. While road points could change all that there probably won't be a final decision on that for a few hours, so I'm going to focus on stage totals at this point. So from a stage time standpoint Skilton has a 59 sec lead over Cameron Steely who is only 2 sec ahead of Brent Lee. So the Fiesta battle continues!   Mike G.
15:35   Short Delay on Stage 7
There has been a short delay on stage 7. The cars were stopped after the first rally car so the the 00 car could be moved down the course. That has been completed now and the starting of cars has resumed.   Mike G.
15:33   Drama for Trucks
John Trucks seems to have a knack for drama. On stage 7 (Cibola West) he hit a berm (or maybe more), enhancing the crack in the windshield. In addition the hood pins ripped out and the hood is now bent and the hood scoop looks like it is doing a handstand (not quite sure what that looks like). Evan Davis says he has photos.   Mike G.
14:59   Trucks big hit
Just got this report from the turn around after stage 6. It seems that John Trucks blew out a front strut on stage 4 and then hit so hard that it produced cracks in the windshield (which they didn't notice until they got back to service).   Mike G.
14:30   Steely pulls ahead in Fiesta battle
After 5 stages Cameron Steely has pulled ahead of Brent Lee by 4 seconds in the Fiesta battle. On stage 6 Steely and Lee tied so the difference remains 4 sec.   Mike G.
14:12   McAllister's Toe Out
At the end of stage 5 Todd McAllister had a bunch of rear toe out, so he must have hit something pretty hard. They are stopped on the transit attempting to adjust the toe out. Further news it's actually one of the rear lateral links that is bent, so they are going to try to limp through the next three stages to get back to service.   Mike G.
14:06   Steely Limps
On stage 5 Cameron Steely over reved the engine which caused the car to go into "limp mode". So he had to turn the engine off and then restart it to get out of limp mode.   Mike G.
12:58   Egger Retires
Steve Egger and Arthur Caroff have chosen to retire and won't be leaving the service area. They have a leaking oil pan as well as problems with the steering rack, so they decided discretion is probably the better part of valor.   Mike G.
12:11   Fiesta Battle even closer
With Max Riddle's DNF the Fiesta battle falls to Lee and Steely. After 4 stages Lee leads Steely by a scant 2 seconds. This could go down to the wire.   Mike G.
12:07   Riddle is Out
Max Riddle will be a DNF. It turns out the exhaust lying beside his car belonged to someone else. He actually DNFed because he lost his clutch and is being towed out of the stage. To further complicate things the car will not restart, so there is some other electrical gremlin.   Mike G.
11:59   Lots of rocks being pulled up
John Black and Lori Stone reported that there are lots of big rocks being pulled up onto the road on stage 4. When competitors in a Ford Ranger pickup are hitting rocks in the road you know they must be big. This may explain the exhaust system problems that Riddle and Smith have had.   Mike G.
11:53   Smith dragging exhaust
At the finish of stage 4 Kurt Smith came in with his exhaust dragging on the ground, but still attached to the car.   Mike G.
11:49   McAllister worried about tire
At the finish of stage 4 Todd McAllister was worried that his right front tire was going soft. A visual inspection looked OK.   Mike G.
11:46   Riddle Stopped on Stage 4
Max Riddle has stopped on stage 4, with what may be a problem related to his exhaust system (partially fallen off).   Mike G.
11:11   Fiesta Battle Tightens up
After Max Riddle's tire destruction experiment on stage 3, he is now only 5 seconds ahead of Brent Lee who is 9 seconds ahead of Cameron Steeley. So keep an eye on the Fiesta battle, it could be close.   Mike G.
11:09   Skilton moves into 2nd
At the end of stage 3 Darren Skilton has moved past Max Riddle into second overall 1:01 behind John Trucks..   Mike G.
10:56   Max Riddle destroys a tire
Max Riddle had a flat on stage 3 and then drove on it for a ways. By the time he got to the finish there was very little left of the tire. They are putting on the spare after leaving the finish control.   Mike G.
10:13   Riddle leads the Fiesta battle
Max Riddle now holds a 20 sec lead in the Fiesta battle over Brent Lee who is only 10 sec ahead of Cameron Steeley.   Mike G.
10:09   Adam Short going faster
Adam Short is driving his first full rally weekend and seems to be getting faster in his Subaru WRX as the weekend progresses.   Mike G.
09:58   Stage 2 times close
Cibola road (stage 2) is a very fast and flowing stage. As a result the times are much closer than we have seen on the other stages.   Mike G.
09:41   Car are finishing stage 2
The first car has now finished stage 2. No issues reported.   Mike G.
09:29   Trucks fast on stage 1
John Trucks and Chris Fine layed down the time to beat on stage 1, a full 44 seconds faster than the next fastest car,which by the way was Darren Skilton in the Jeep Cherokee. The Fiesta battle so far goes to Max Riddle who was 5 seconds faster than Brent Lee who was 10 seconds faster than Cameron Steely.   Mike G.
09:11   Saturday Starts on time
The first stage for today's event has started on time with John Trucks leading the field onto the first stage. There are 10 cars running today.   Mike G.
00:51   Trucks All Out on stage 3
Despite the fact that all he had to do was cruise to the end of stage 3 to win John Trucks decided to go all out for a really fast time on stage 3 and almost crashed three times, but had a really fast stage time.   Mike G.
00:48   Arboleda DNFs
Christian Arboleda and Jonathan Correa in a Suzuki Swift GTi have DNFed with overheating problems near the end of stage 3. Turns out the engine mount broke where it mounts to the block, causing a whole variety of problems.   Mike G.
00:45   Smith's Stage 1 drama
Kurt Smith and Tim Brown in their Subaru 2.5 RS had the throttle stick FULL ON part way through stage 1 and drove the rest of the stage with only the brakes to control their speed. Fortunately they don't have a turbo (Open Lite class) and the brakes were up to the job. They made repairs at the turn around and believe they are back to normal.   Mike G.
00:41   Trubey Retires
Jason Trubey and John Dean in their VW Jetta retired after finishing the first stage with a destroyed radiator. It looks like this will probably be the end of their weekend.   Mike G.
00:39   Trucks leads early
John Trucks and Chris Fine in their Subaru STi won the first stage by 18 seconds. The finish control reported that the probably could have gone quicker since they slowed considerably before crossing the flying finish.   Mike G.
00:36   Lightner has problems early
It was reported that Jason Lightner and Alex Staidle have had problems with thier engine in their Porsche 912 overheating. As a result they never made it to the start of the first stage, and end up being the rally's first DNF.   Mike G.
00:34   Technical Difficulties
Due to technical difficulties beyond our control live text wasn't exactly live this evening. However in the spirit of Late is better than never, here are our belated live texts.   Mike G.
  Live Text Overview
RallyData will be bringing you "Live Text" from the Desert Storrm Rally as the action unfolds during the event. While similar to Twitter, Live Text can have more than 140 characters allowing a more detailed description. So come back on Friday April 4 to see what's happening.   Mike G.