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CRS Full Membership: All competitors who wish to receive CRS championship points are required to be members, which costs $30 per calendar year. CRS membership includes the membership card, CRS rulebook, two CRS decals, inclusion in the CRS championships (Rally, RallySprint and RallyCross), and emailings from the various events. The rest of the membership fee goes to year-end awards, and maintaining the supply of equipment used to support those who organize events. There will be a three month overlap allowed for people joining between Sep 27 and Dec. 31. For example, joining CRS on Sep 27, 2022 will buy a membership effective until Dec. 31, 2022 (1 year & 3 months); while joining on Sept. 26, 2022 will buy a membership effective until Dec. 31, 2022 (3 months). Competitors will begin accruing CRS championship points only after paying their annual membership fee. In order to be eligible to accrue points at a given event, you must have paid your membership fee prior to the start of competition.

CRS Associate Membership: The associate membership has been created for volunteers or other interested people who want to keep up on rally activities but will not be competing. Associate members receive all of the benefits described above (decals, rulebook, emails) but they are not eligible to receive championship points. The fee for joining the CRS as an associate member is $10 per calendar year. If an associate member should decide at a later date to become a competitor he/she may change status by merely paying the $20 difference.

Logging In: If you want to join CRS (either as Associate or Full) select your login method on the right and then "Log In". If you just want to update your personal information click the button on the left and then select your login method on the right.

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